Artie Lange Dying? Report Claims Comedian Suffering From Addiction And Diabetes, Could Be ‘At Death’s Door’

Comedian's mother opens up on his struggles as report claims his health situation is dire.

Comedian's mother opens up on his struggles as report claims his health situation is dire.

Artie Lange is reportedly suffering from an addiction and a series of health ailments that have left him “at death’s door,” leaving fans of the actor and comedian worried.

Fans became concerned this week when Lange had to cancel his appearance on the Artie and Anthony Show, saying he was suffering from the flu. But Radar Online shed more light on his health struggles, noting that doctors are worried about Lange’s deteriorating condition and questioning in a headline if he could be “at death’s door.”

The celebrity news outlet interviewed Artie’s mother, Judy Lange, who said that her son is fighting a number of conditions — namely his addictions.

“Artie has to take care of a few things. He’s got diabetes, so that doesn’t help. He’s okay, as much as he can be. But he is fighting addiction — trying to get through that, and hopefully he will.”

Artie Lange himself shared this week that “doctors seemed worried” at his recent visit, and joked with fans that if he died it would be live on his show. He later added, “My body has been ravished by awful living.”

This is not the first time that Artie Lange’s health has prompted worry among fans. He has been hospitalized a number of times, including an incident in October where he was rushed to a hospital with a blood sugar emergency. As Radar Online reported, Lange didn’t show up for a comedy show in Ohio and those with tickets only learned at the last minute that Lange had fallen ill.

TMZ reported that Artie fell ill that day and decided to go to the hospital rather than catching his planned flight from New Jersey to Ohio. On a previous occasion Lange went on a flight during a blood sugar emergency and ended up having a severe reaction that left him in the hospital.

Artie Lange has long been open about his battles with addiction and health issues. In July, he passed out after performing in Chicago, later writing on Twitter that he had done so much cocaine and heroin that he “blew a hole in my nose & landed in my chest.” Lange said his chest became infected and doctors had to “[rip] my chest open” to save him. Lange said he “cheated the devil for the hundredth time” with that incident.

After his latest health scare, it was not clear how long it could take Artie Lange to recover or when he could return to his show.