Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Wows In Xmas Style, Sheds 75 Pounds With Keto & ‘Biggest Loser’ Star’s Diet

Melissa McCarthy lost 75 pounds with a high fat, low carb ketogenic diet, maintaining her weight loss by turning to "Biggest Loser" star's Bob Harper's new diet plan.

Melissa McCarthy lost 75 pounds with a high fat, low carb ketogenic diet, maintaining her weight loss by turning to "Biggest Loser" star's Bob Harper's new diet plan.

Melissa McCarthy is ready to deck the halls in true holiday style. Flaunting her 75-pound weight loss, McCarthy sported seasonal fashions as she served as a stand-in host for Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. Showing that her diet dedication didn’t detract from her famous wit, Melissa delighted her fans by performing in sketches and costumes with a guest star line-up that included Jennifer Aniston, Dave Franco, and Octavia Spencer, according to the Daily Mail.

Melissa McCarthy Flaunts Whittled Waistline In Christmas Tree Fashion

When it comes to showing off her 75-pound weight loss, McCarthy found the perfect style by adorning herself like a Christmas tree. Using a green frock as the basis, Melissa wore tinsel and baubles as she stole the spotlight on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. McCarthy’s guest star line-up included her parents, Mike and Sandy McCarthy, who charmed in matching leather recliners.

Melissa and Octavia Spencer have been friends for 20 years. Apparently it’s a very sweet friendship, because McCarthy decided to go with a candy look to interview her pal. Melissa adorned herself in an outfit that resembled a red and white striped candy cane, completed with a huge green bow under her chin.

Octavia hugged McCarthy’s parents, who proved that Melissa inherited her sense of humor by participating in a game. But Jennifer Aniston didn’t get neglected when it came to her turn to join Melissa. Sticking with her holiday theme, Melissa wore a menorah outfit to share a video in which she looked slim as she debunked theories on gravity.

McCarthy joked that it’s called “settled science,” claiming that those who disagree are referred to as “duh-nye-urz” as she challenged gravity theories. Jennifer, referred to by McCarthy as “less famous person Junister Ooniston,” had problems with a harness in an attempt to disprove gravity.

In addition to Aniston and Spencer, Dave Franco had the opportunity to join Melissa. McCarthy dressed in a gingerbread woman outfit to keep up with her seasonal style parade, while Franco opted to wave his hooves in a reindeer outfit. Completing proof that she’s a quick change artist, Melissa also wore a Three Wise Men outfit, completed with two dummies as kings while she pranced along with musical guests Hanson.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Diet Secrets: Ketogenic And Bob Harper’s Biggest Loser Plan

McCarthy has maintained her 75-pound weight loss for months. As many dieters have discovered, it’s keeping off the weight that can be the biggest challenge. As the Inquisitr reported, Melissa succeeded where many Biggest Loser participants failed by using a ketogenic diet to take off and keep off the pounds.

Melissa McCarthy weight loss secrets: A ketogenic diet helped her shed 75 pounds, and now she's on "Biggest Loser" star Bob Harper's new diet.

Named for inducing ketosis, a ketogenic diet involves cutting carbohydrates, eating moderate amounts of protein, and boosting fats, according to KQED Science.

“A diet that induces ketosis calls for approximately 60 to 70 percent of daily calories from fat, and the remaining 30 to 40 percent from carbohydrates and protein.”

Although McCarthy and Kim Kardashian have become known as ketogenic celebrity weight loss winners, as reported by the Inquisitr, Melissa also turned to Biggest Loser star Bob Harper’s new diet to keep off the pounds.

Melissa McCarthy, Bob Harper Use Same Healthy Lifestyle Diet

Following her ketogenic diet, McCarthy is focused on a healthy lifestyle through a Mediterranean diet, according to Christian Today. In contrast to a ketogenic diet emphasizing fats and protein, Melissa enjoys a wide variety of food on her new diet. She has learned to eat slowly and enjoy the flavor of foods such as fruit and quinoa.

To keep off the weight, McCarthy uses a personal trainer as well as the Mediterranean diet. Her workouts include bench presses, planks, walking, and other types of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. And while it’s not known what motivated Melissa to shift to the Mediterranean diet, Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper has been candid about his reasons for switching. He’s even been sharing his new diet meals on Instagram.

After suffering a heart attack, Harper revealed that his doctor recommended that he follow a Mediterranean diet, reported Men’s Health. In contrast to a ketogenic diet, which allows dieters to use butter and eat bacon, this diet emphasizes only healthy fats such as olive oil.

Bob’s and Melissa’s Mediterranean diet also features fruits and vegetables as well as fish. Researchers have found that it boosts the mood along with raising levels of “good” cholesterol. It also has been shown to cut the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as certain types of breast cancer.