Apple Is Rumored To Discontinue Mac Products

Justin SullivanGetty Images

It seems like Apple’s Mac product line is nearing its end. Rumor has it that Mac will be phased out and will be replaced by iPads.

People are speculating that Apple is dropping hints in the latest iPad Pro commercial. In the commercial, a little girl can be seen holding an iPad and asking, “What’s a computer?”

Several factors could contribute to the rumored decision of Apple to discontinue the Mac products.

Currently, the sales of the Mac product line is not going well in the market. Revamped models of MacBook Pro were released lately. The new models have a thinner body and an OLED touch panel. The sales of MacBook Pro, albeit increasing significantly, still did not match or go anywhere near the sales of Apple smartphones and tablets.

Apple previously revealed plans of cutting the MacBook and iMac production by 16 percent. Speculations started to come up that the production of the Apple computers will eventually be stopped completely. Also, the tech giant is reportedly focusing on its iPad models as three models are rumored to come out this year.

The speculations are not far-fetched as it is more practical to pair a keyboard with an iPad than to actually carry around a laptop.

Below is the commercial video of the new iPad Pro.

According to Mac Observer, the world has adopted a lifestyle wherein portability is essential. With everything that is going on in everyone’s busy life right now, it would be a hassle to actually have to use a computer to get things done. Phone or tablets should be able to suffice and provide convenience to the users.

The 2012 Macbook Pro was looked upon by attendees from an Apple event
The 2012 Macbook Pro which features a Mountain Lion OS was unveiled in San Francisco, CaliforniaFeatured image credit: Justin SullivanGetty Images

Previously, it was rumored that Apple will never release a new model of MacBook Air ever again. The line was considered as dead. Since 2016, almost all products of Apple and its competitors are already lightweight. Thus the “Air” in Macbook Air is considered redundant. Also, speculators reckon that performance is compromised in the Air line, therefore discontinuing it would be reasonable.

What is your opinion? Should Apple continue to produce MacBooks and iMacs, or should Apple focus on producing better quality iPads?