‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Receives Mysterious Threatening Note, ‘Friz’ Wedding Derailed?

Franco is spooked when he receives a mysterious note from an anonymous source that threatens to reveal his secrets and derail his wedding to Liz

Franco is spooked when he receives a mysterious note from an anonymous source that threatens to reveal his secrets and derail his wedding to Liz

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that after Franco (Roger Howarth) proposes to Liz (Rebecca Herbst), he receives a mysterious threatening note that shows someone has information about him that could derail his plan to marry Liz.

After Liz’s initial proposal, Franco proposes and suggests that they elope and get married before Christmas, according to SheKnows Soaps. Although Liz is in love with Franco and wants to marry him, she can’t understand why he suddenly can’t wait for them to get married but wants to rush her to the altar.

General Hospital buzz hints that Franco is in a rush to get married to Liz because he fears that after Jason (Steve Burton) failed to get Sam (Kelly Monaco) back from Drew (Billy Miller), he could shift his attention to Liz and try to get her away from him. Franco’s fears are not entirely unjustified. Jason would hate to see Franco marry Liz. Jason hates Franco and would gladly do anything in his power to hurt him.

Liz and Jason had a relationship in the past, and Jake (Hudson West) is the product of the romantic involvement. The fact that Liz and Jason have Jake in common enhances the potential for a reconciliation between them, and Franco feels intensely insecure as a result.

Franco is also concerned about the potential threat that Drew (Billy Miller) poses. Drew and Liz have formed a bond over the years. Drew was involved in Jake’s life under the mistaken impression that he was Jason Morgan, Jake’s father. The fact that Drew now understands he is not Jason does not change the fact of the connection that has developed between him and Liz.

Franco is also scared that his recent deceitfulness could be exposed. Franco refused to help to resolve the puzzle about which of the twins is the real Jason. He kept the information from everyone, including Liz. Instead of sharing the information, he burned the evidence.

Franco thus has reasons to fear the consequences if Liz discovers his lies and deceitful actions.

Franco, therefore, wants to get married to Liz immediately to ease his anxiety about the security of his relationship with Liz. It remains to be seen whether Liz allows herself to be rushed into marriage with Franco. She could decide that Franco is rushing things needlessly and that she wants to first focus on getting Jake to adjust to the recent unsettling changes in his life.

General Hospital spoilers, however, hint trouble for Franco in the coming weeks. His lies and deceit about the Jason twin issue will soon be exposed. Franco could soon find himself in the hot seat struggling to explain to Liz why he kept such vital information secret.

However, fans will recall that Franco struggled with his conscience over the matter and made up his mind to come clean to Liz, but chickened out at the last moment.

General Hospital spoilers for December 21 state that Franco receives a mysterious threatening note from an anonymous source, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. It appears that someone found out about Franco’s secrets and decided to send a note to let him know he’s about to be exposed.

Will Franco end up a victim of blackmail? Will the person threaten “Friz” by trying to use the information he has to stop Franco from marrying Liz? The person could threaten to reveal Franco’s secrets to Liz.

How would Liz react when she learns that Franco deliberately hid information and destroyed evidence that could have helped to solve the Jason puzzle much earlier and save many people needless suspense and heartache?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Franco is scared when he receives the note. He could once again fall into the trap of making poor choices that further compound his already difficult position.