Galaxy X: Samsung’s Alarmingly Ugly Patents Might Be Troublesome Amidst The Return Of Apple’s Design Chief

Drew AngererGetty Images

The battle between Samsung and Apple continues as the era of dual-screen or foldable-screen smartphones dawns — depending on which direction the two top tech companies decide to take. Many have favored the Samsung Galaxy X as the eventual champion, predicting that Apple will finally lose its crown. However, a new patent leak and an Apple genius’ return reveals that the Cupertino-based giant will not give up its throne without a fight.

Samsung is allegedly working on a phone with a new type of design dubbed the Galaxy X. Galaxy Club, a Dutch website, was the first to leak patents of the revolutionary phone. Recently, Lets Go Digital—another Dutch site—leaked another patent for the phone, which may be disappointing to consumers.

BGR describes the Galaxy X’s design on the patent as essentially two separate phones stuck together by some metal, allowing users to fold them back to back or side by side. The unimpressive design echoes that of ZTE’s Axon M and might even be a bit more unimaginative than its Android counterpart.

The design may come as a surprise to Samsung fans since the company has been teasing a foldable screen for years. The one featured in the patent, however, reveals that the Asian tech company is going in a different direction, which may disappoint some of its loyal consumers.

With the Galaxy X slated to launch by 2018, Samsung will need to up the ante and work on a revolutionary design. Its main competitor, Apple, doesn’t seem to be backing off either. There are rumors that the American-based tech giant is working on its version of a foldable phone.

In fact, Bloomberg reported that Jony Ive had returned full-time as the head of Apple’s design teams. Ive is credited with designing the original iMac, the first iPod, and the first iPad, among other accomplishments in the company. He worked side by side with the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, during the development launch of the innovative products.

With Ive back in full control of both the design team for hardware and software, Samsung will have to step up its game with the Galaxy X. Apple doesn’t plan to release its foldable phone until 2020, giving Ive more than enough time to perfect the phone’s design.

It must be noted, however, that Samsung does have another patent–revealed by PatentlyMobile–which features a single phone with a screen that folds. Based on the stark differences in the two patents, the Asian tech company seems to be playing between a foldable phone and a dual-screen one.

It would seem that Samsung plans to herald the new age of mobile tech next year. However, only time will tell whether the next era of smartphones will be led by Samsung or Apple.