Jazz Jennings Dating In New Season As She Struggles With Sexuality

Jazz Jennings has a new season of her hit show I Am Jazz coming to TLC and this season she will be struggling with her sexuality. People shared spoilers about the new season and how Jazz will be dating and things are going to different this season.

The new season of I Am Jazz will start airing in January of 2018. Jazz is going to be struggling a bit with weight gain this season, while also starting to date. A friend of Jazz is going to tell her that she met a girl that she really thinks she will like. At first, Jazz is shocked that her friend would want to set her up with a girl, but then she realizes that she is open to the idea.

Jazz Jennings will meet the girl and end up enjoying her time with her. She says the more she spends time with her, the more she likes her. In the past, she has only dated guys on the show. Jazz has always made it clear she wasn’t sure which sex she was attracted to.

The other thing that Jazz is dealing with is the fact that she has put on weight and now she has to lose it. If she wants to have the surgery that is so important to her, then she will need to take off 30 pounds. This is going to be quite the task for the young girl, but she is ready to go for it. Jazz has made it very clear that she has to have this surgery to feel completely like herself, so she will probably do anything she can to get it done.

The new season of I Am Jazz is going to be an interesting one. The fans can’t wait to see if Jazz decides that she likes girls and if she is able to lose the weight so that she can get the surgery that is important to her. The new season of I Am Jazz will premiere on TLC on January 2.