‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Dec. 11-15: Oscar Disappointed, Nelle’s Baby News For Sonny, Jason Meets Sam

General Hospital spoilers tease more revelations in Port Charles. The drama following the big secret about Jason and Drew’s identity will continue. It’s another fast-paced week in General Hospital, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

December 11, Monday: An Instant Daddy And A Doubtful Daddy

Next week, spoilers hint Kim will confirm Nelle is expecting, and this will surprise Michael. Michael truly cared about Nelle before he knew what she was capable of. Head Writer Shelly Altman reveals Michael’s thoughts involving Nelly’s bombshell.

“He did love Nelle albeit briefly, but he recognizes the situation for what it is; he can love this child without loving its mother, but he knows there is going to be some tricky maneuvering moving forward.”

As for how Carly will react, Altman suggests it will be explosive. Carly has always been against Nelle and Michael’s relationship. Meanwhile, Nelle will have some ideas of her own. General Hospital spoilers reveal she will approach Sonny and tell him she is expecting. Sonny will try to keep his cool and measure his words towards Nelle. The mob boss might handle Nelle with flair, but this doesn’t mean he will let Michael handle his ex. Spoilers tease Michael will stand his ground on this issue against his parents, especially where Nelle and her baby is concerned. On Monday, Michael will demand a paternity test, and Carly will agree with him.

Kim will also break the news to Drew and inform him that Oscar is his son. GH spoilers tease Sam will stand by Drew as he tries to come to terms with this new revelation. Kim will not pressure him to take an active role in Oscar’s life, but this will give Drew something to think about. Meanwhile, the curious son in question will get cold feet. Oscar will hesitate about reading the result of the DNA test.

Sonny will also get in touch with Dante and update him on the status of their search for the mastermind. Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers tease Jason will receive an update on the person behind his kidnapping. Monday will start with a bang in General Hospital.

December 12, Tuesday: Catch-Ups

General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will update Anna about the latest happenings. The mob boss may not have a lot to report, but Anna might put two and two together to help with their investigation. By Tuesday, Anna already paid a visit to Andre and gave him a piece of her mind.

Nelle will continue to be a prominent character on Tuesday, and she will bump into Charlotte. The child will be happy to see Nelle. Meanwhile, Cassandra will have a proposal for Finn.

December 13, Wednesday: Crazy Challenges

Nelle dropped the baby bomb after receiving so much ridicule for her actions. General Hospital spoilers tease she will stand up for herself on Wednesday. This spoiler might have something to do with the baby reveal or her involvement in one scandal after another. Needless to say, Nelle will prove no one can bully her.

Jason and Sam will also go through some challenging scenes on Wednesday. Sam will reveal her feelings and thoughts to Monica. Sam’s world is turned upside down, and she needs to navigate uncharted territory. Meanwhile, Jason will offer some advice to a PC resident.

December 14, Thursday: Unavoidable Meetings

On Thursday, General Hospital spoilers reveal Port Charles will prove to be a small place, especially for Jason and Sam. Their relationship changed forever, and they need to make major adjustments to their lives. Sam has to reconcile with the fact that she chose Drew – a man who knows nothing about his identity. Spoilers tease Sam will bump into Jason at the pier.

Oscar will also experience a major disappointment on this day. Monday spoilers tease Kim confessed Oscar is Drew’s son. Could this mean she lied? Or will Oscar discover something else?

December 15, Friday: More ‘GH’ Spoilers

Spoilers from She Knows reveal Alexis will deliver a painful news. Scott will be invited to have some drinks, and something inevitable will happen to Finn. Other General Hospital spoilers reveal Nathan will have doubts, and he will tell Maxie about it.

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