'Little People, Big World': Jackson & Ember Roloff Go Christmas Tree Hunting With Zach, Tori, Jeremy, & Audrey

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Little People, Big World's Roloff family. On Friday (Dec. 8), Zach and Tori Roloff joined Jeremy and Audrey Roloff to cut down Christmas trees for their respective homes and shared the excitement with fans on Instagram. As usual, the next generation of Roloffs -- little Jackson and little Ember -- were the stars of the show.

Tori was the first to share her family's big plans for the day by posting a series of cute videos of Zach and Jackson playing on the nursery room floor on Instagram Stories. Jackson was dressed in a darling white pajama onesie decorated with little Santas and Christmas trees, which she used to give everyone a big hint.

"Jackson, what are we going to do today?" Tori cooed to her son, who will turn 8-months-old in just four days. "Tell everyone what we're going to do today! We'll give you a hint." She then zoomed in on one of the festive trees on Jackson's jammies.

Later, Tori posted a still shot of her holding bald-headed Jackson in a blanket at a Christmas tree farm. She followed that up with a photo of Zach -- looking very pleased with himself -- standing beside their car, a 9-foot Christmas tree tied on top.

"Biggest tree yet!" she wrote as the caption.

Meanwhile, Audrey also took to Instagram Stories to post a video of little Ember wrapped up in a coat with an adorable reindeer hat, complete with antlers.

"We're going to get our tree!" she said, as Ember slept in her car carrier.

She then posted an off-the-charts cute shot of Ember and her cousin Jackson bundled in a wagon together at the Christmas tree farm, ready to help their parents choose their Christmas trees.

Audrey followed that up with another sweet shot of Jeremy and Zach walking ahead of her and Tori as they searched for a tree. Tori called out, "Jer, do this thing," and stuck her arm out. At that point, Jeremy held his left arm out over his shorter twin brother, replaying the iconic sequence that used to appear in Little People, Big World's opening credits when the series began.

There's no question from these videos that the Roloff twins are having the best Christmas of their lives with their wives and new babies.

Little People, Big World returns to TLC in early 2018.