‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: A Surprising Couple Has A Steamy Hook-Up

'DOOL' spoilers reveal that a surprising turn of events is about to take place in Salem.

'DOOL' spoilers reveal that a surprising turn of events is about to take place in Salem.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the upcoming weeks reveal that one couple will share some steamy scenes together. The pair will reportedly make love, and although the latest DOOL news says that couple will be a “surprising” one, it seems some fans believe they already know which two Salemites will be hooking up in the coming days.

Warning: Days of our Lives spoilers below.

According to the latest Days of our Lives spoilers and news from TV Source Magazine, the couple will hit the sheets during the week of Dec. 18, just in time to add to the holiday drama that will be taking place in Salem. While the spoilers don’t confirm which couple will be getting intimate, there are a couple of obvious suspects.

The most likely pair to be getting intimate in Salem is Lani and Eli. Lani is fresh off of her break up with JJ Deveraux. She’s been an emotional wreck since JJ shot her younger brother, Theo Carver, after mistaking him for an armed criminal. Theo is currently in a coma, and JJ and Lani’s relationship is now over. Meanwhile, Eli has been dating Gabi Hernandez, and they seem to be getting a bit serious. Eli has been spending a lot of time with Gabi and her daughter, Arianna, but he may betray his new girlfriend.

Days of our Lives rumors have been running wild for weeks that Lani and Eli would eventually end up in bed together, and due to some leaked spoilers, DOOL fans now know that Lani is going to end up pregnant. However, if Lani and Eli are the couple who has the steamy hookup, does that mean that baby daddy drama is soon to follow?

Another possible candidate to be one part of the Days of our Lives couple who gets intimate is Will Horton. Will has just returned to Salem after being discovered alive by his friends and family members, but he has no memory of his former life. What he does know is that he used to be married to Sonny and that he cheated on Sonny with Paul. Since Will has already planted a kiss on Paul, he could be trying to go even further in the future. There is also the chance that Will and Sonny will have a romantic reunion, but that wouldn’t be as surprising as Will and Paul, or Lani and Eli hitting the sheets.

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