Hannah Storm Opens Up About Gas Grill Explosion [Video]

Hannah Storm

Hannah Storm, the ESPN anchor, was nearly killed on December 11 after being severely burned in a propane grill accident at her home in Connecticut. The accident in which she was set on fire occurred when she tried to reignite the grill to cook dinner after the flame went out.

Storm described what happened next was a “wall of fire,” a “huge explosion” that sounded like a tree falling through a roof. Storm suffered first degree burns to her face and neck and second degree burns to her chest and hands.

Her daughter who was home at the time luckily called 911 immediately. Storm was subsequently treated at the Trauma and Burn Center at Westchester (New York) Medical Center and then recuperated at home.

Storm was out of action for three weeks but returned to work for ABC to cover the Rose Parade on January 1.

In an interview on ABC in connection with the Rose Parade broadcast (which contains images of her injuries), Hannah Storm said “it is a hard road for burn victims” and that she was “by far the most fortunate person in the burn unit.”

She also gave a warning to homeowners who cook with a propane grill. If the grill doesn’t ignite for a period of time, turn off the gas and wait before trying again. Give the gas time to dissipate even if the grill is open before relighting the grill because there is a good chance that a lot of propane “is still sitting in the area.”

Watch Hannah Storm’s interview about the backyard propane gas explosion on ABC:

[Top image credit: Sam Aronov / Shutterstock.com]