‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 122 Spoilers: Vegeta’s Battle Against Jiren Triggers Ultra Instinct

The waiting is over for Vegeta fans as the Saiyan Prince will finally take the spotlight in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. According to the latest DBS spoilers, Vegeta will be fighting the mortal who is stronger than the God of Destruction, Jiren the Gray of Universe 11. Will the Saiyan Prince succeed to achieve Ultra Instinct?

It will only be a matter of time before the Tournament of Power comes to an end. With less than 13 minutes left, numerous fighters have already been eliminated and four universes were erased. As of now, Universe 7 holds the upper hand in terms of numbers while Universe 11 has the advantage when it comes to battle power.

Since the tournament started, it’s very noticeable that Vegeta only received minimal airtime compared to other major Dragon Ball Super characters. While Son Goku is slowly mastering Ultra Instinct, the Saiyan Prince hasn’t had any improvement in his power. He tried the technique once, failed, and received a massive damage from the enemy.

After Universe 4 decided to attack Universe 7, there are speculations that Vegeta will be the next fighter to be eliminated. Fortunately, the newest Dragon Ball Super spoilers revealed that Piccolo is the fourth victim from Universe 7 and not Vegeta. Aside from his assured survival in the next episode, the Saiyan Prince will finally be having his battle against the “strongest.”

According to Otakukart, it’s obvious that the “strongest” mentioned in the title is Jiren The Gray of Universe 11. After witnessing the battle between Son Goku and Kefla, Jiren stopped meditating and returned to action. Universe 11 might have thought it’s already time to execute their main battle plan in order to win the Tournament of Power.

With Son Goku still exhausted from his previous battles, Vegeta will have the opportunity to test his power against the mortal who’s stronger than the God of Destruction. In the middle of the tournament, he attempted to challenge Jiren, but Toppo interfered and started the battle of the second fiddles. Also, during those times, Jiren showed no interest in fighting the Saiyan Prince.

With their confirmed battle in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, Vegeta might have shown a huge improvement in his power to catch the attention of Jiren. So far, there is no confirmation whether Vegeta achieves Ultra Instinct prior to his fight against Jiren or during their battle. However, it’s highly likely that Vegeta will look cool as DBS writer Toshio promised before the tournament started.

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