Matt Lauer Had A Love Child While Married To Annette Roque, Claims NBC Insider

After his dismissal from the 'Today Show' for sexual misconduct, allegations surrounding Matt Lauer's behavior continue to surface.

After his dismissal from the 'Today Show' for sexual misconduct, allegations surrounding Matt Lauer's behavior continue to surface.

The fallout continues from the Matt Lauer sex scandal, and now a shocking new report claims that the disgraced former Today show host has five children, not three. An anonymous insider says that Lauer fathered two children from two other women while married to Annette Roque. With his infidelity widely-known throughout the NBC offices even before the news of his sexual misconduct broke, is it possible more of Lauer’s secrets are coming back to haunt him?

Did Matt Lauer Father Children With Other Women While He Was Married?

An NBC insider who spoke to In Touch Weekly claims that over the years co-workers often discussed the topic of Lauer’s affairs and a possible love child or two. The whispers continue, but the source did not reveal who the women were or how old the children he allegedly fathered are.

Lauer and Roque have three children together: Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11.

Lauer’s rep is denying the new claim, saying the story is “completely and provably false.”

Even if the report isn’t accurate, Lauer still finds himself heartbroken because of the hurt he has caused his family. He is reportedly “bracing himself” for Roque to file for divorce, and that could happen at any moment.

Will Annette Roque Leave Matt Lauer For Good?

Roque’s father, Henri, told the Daily Mail that his daughter’s marriage to Lauer is essentially over because what he has done is “bad.”

“She is not going to stay with him and work it out. They are not together trying to work it out,” said the Dutch model’s father.

It is not clear if Roque, 51, told him this, or if the statement was just her dad’s opinion.

According to a People magazine source, Roque had been afraid since before she married Lauer nineteen years ago that he would cheat on her. A former colleague of Lauer’s says the marriage was never a good one, and the 59-year-old’s reputation as a ladies’ man has bothered Roque from day one. Apparently, Roque knew Lauer was a player, and that he would always “do his thing.”

Roque And Lauer Are No Longer Wearing Their Wedding Rings

Fox News is reporting that cameras recently caught Lauer’s “distraught looking wife” without her wedding ring in the Hamptons, but he is still wearing his. Sources claim that Lauer is focusing on his family, and wants to stay in the Hampton and be a “regular joe,” while playing a lot of golf.

The former morning-show host has no intentions at the moment of making any kind of comeback and instead wants to stay out of the spotlight while repairing the damage he has done and doing some soul-searching.

Roque and Lauer are still living together in their Hamptons home, but right now are essentially leading separate lives. But, that seems to be the way it has been for the couple since she first filed for divorce back in 2006. Three weeks after she filed she withdrew the papers.

For now, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque are just taking things one day at a time.