Meghan Markle Reportedly Makes Sweet Gift For Queen Elizabeth, Blocked By ‘Jealous,’ Feuding Kate Middleton


Even before Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, she faced rumors of a feud with Kate Middleton. Now that Harry and Meghan have announced their engagement, the rumors have gotten worse, with allegations that Kate is jealous over Markle stealing the spotlight.

But would Middleton actually go to the extreme steps of manipulating Meghan in order to prevent her from giving a gift to Queen Elizabeth, making her feel like a royal outcast for not knowing what Prince Harry’s grandmother truly likes? One tabloid magazine claimed this week that Kate learned about Markle’s plan to bake homemade muffins for Queen Elizabeth and foiled that plan, a rumor that Gossip Cop investigated.

Prince Harry’s Fiancée Plans Gift, Kate Calls ‘Half-Baked’?

The publication reported that Meghan devoted time to planning and preparing the sweet treats. But when Middleton learned about Markle’s project for the queen, she reportedly acted promptly to block Markle from delivering her home-made muffins to Elizabeth. Kate reportedly didn’t hold back when revealing exactly how she felt about the plan.

“Kate hates Meg’s half-baked muffin plan.”

An insider told the magazine that Meghan, known to be a “great baker,” carefully prepared a variety of tea muffins for Queen Elizabeth. Markle reportedly knows the queen enjoys Earl Grey tea, so Meghan chose a recipe that used that type of tea as a tasty surprise.

However, Middleton allegedly intervened, preventing Prince Harry’s future wife from following through and giving the box of delicious goodies to the planned recipient. Kate was rather rude in discouraging Meghan from giving Queen Elizabeth the gift and scoffed at Markle for not knowing the queen’s preferences, claimed the source.

Kate Middleton Scoffs At Meghan Markle, Says ‘Palace Pastry Snoop’

When Kate learned about the details of the muffin plan, Middleton allegedly schemed to stop Markle by slamming the supposedly thoughtful present for Prince Harry’s grandmother. Kate informed Meghan that Queen Elizabeth has very specific preferences, and she advised Markle not to send the gift, according to the insider.

“[Kate Middleton] told Meghan that ‘the queen likes what she likes, made to her exact specifications… so if I were you, I just wouldn’t.'”

The so-called “palace-pastry snoop” needs to get a new recipe, however, a source close to Markle told Gossip Cop. The insider said that Meghan did not carefully cook up tea muffins for Queen Elizabeth and denied that Kate blocked Markle’s “half-baked muffin plan.” However, rumors that Middleton is jealous of Prince Harry’s future wife continue to soar.

Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle reportedly is in a royal feud with Kate Middleton.
Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle reportedly is in a royal feud with Kate Middleton.Featured image credit: Matt DunhamAP Images

Kate Middleton Jealous Of Meghan Markle, Heating Up Feud?

The Hollywood Gossip pointed out that rumors about a feud between Kate and Meghan are soaring amid reports that Middleton probably will not participate in Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry.

“Rumors are heating up that [Kate Middleton] is harboring some ill feelings towards her brother-in-law’s fiancée. And Kate is reportedly straight-up jealous.”

Meghan reportedly is viewed as a royal outsider because she is an American actress. Although Prince William shared his happiness at Prince Harry’s engagement, Middleton reportedly isn’t thrilled. Years ago, Kate earned the spotlight when she was a commoner who became a member of the royal family. It took some time before Middleton was accepted, but now she reportedly is refusing to offer Meghan the same generous gesture of acceptance.

Kate allegedly is particularly upset that her third pregnancy is being ignored in favor of Markle’s and Harry’s engagement excitement. It is also anticipated that Meghan’s and Harry’s wedding date will occur just as Middleton gives birth, taking away the spotlight from her new baby as well.