Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Could Not Escape Critics After Taking Baby Ember On Her First Beach Trip

Simon Alvarez

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff recently shared their latest family bonding moments with their massive social media following. As shown in Audrey's Facebook and Instagram pages, the family of three, together with Zach, Tori, and Baby Jackson Roloff, recently went on a trip to the Oregon Coast, the same beach that became famous for the iconic movie Goonies.

Auj and Jer's latest pictures were wholesome and undeniably precious. The images, which featured candid shots of the young reality TV family as they spent some time on the coast, were incredibly cute and refreshing. The extra pictures of Baby Ember Jean hanging out with her cousin Jackson all but completed the family's newest set of social media photos.

Overall, Audrey, Jeremy and Ember's newest pics were received incredibly well by the Little People, Big World community. Since posting the images a few hours ago, Audrey's latest upload has managed to gain more than 2,400 likes on Facebook and over 11,500 likes on Instagram. Many of the comments on the family's newest pictures were favorable too, with several of the reality TV star's followers loving the little outing.

"Love the Oregon coastline. I've been where you are at. So beautiful," wrote one commenter.

"The three of you make the most adorable family!" wrote another.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to the family's newest photos, however, Audrey's posts still did not escape the ire of the LPBW community's resident critics. This time around, critics took issue with one of Audrey's photos on her Instagram Story. The particular picture was innocent enough, featuring Ember soundly sleeping in her crib, surrounded by some stuffed animals and partially wrapped in a blanket.

"Just watched your story. From one mom to the next, (in) the crib nap, she shouldn't have a blanket or animals in her crib. Not trying to be mean. Just want her safe," one commenter wrote.

In a lot of ways, it is difficult to see exactly how a baby blanket and stuffed animals would be dangerous for a baby sleeping in a crib. As is the case with Audrey's social media uploads, however, every little detail of every moment they share with the LPBW community passes through the critical eyes of reality TV fans.

Despite the criticism, however, there is very little doubt that Ember's first trip to the beach, as well as her first nap in a crib, were huge successes.