Dylan Farrow Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrisy In Ignoring Woody Allen’s Own Alleged Sexual Abuse

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In a new opinion piece that was published by the Los Angeles Times on December 7, Woody Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, has a question for Hollywood in regard to her father and the allegations that she has made against him in the past. Over the years, Farrow has maintained that Allen sexually abused her as a child. However, in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the countless other men in Hollywood who have been not only called out for sexual harassment and abuse, but have also lost their jobs because of it, Dylan Farrow wants to know why Woody Allen is seemingly being left out of the “#MeToo movement.”

Farrow asks the question of Hollywood, “why is it that Harvey Weinstein and other accused celebrities have been cast out by Hollywood, while Allen recently secured a multimillion-dollar distribution deal with Amazon.” Dylan Farrow pointed out that for years, Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with what he did because the “system worked” for him until recently. However, while Weinstein has essentially been stopped in his tracks, Farrow feels that in terms of the system in Hollywood, “it works for Woody Allen still.”

In her op-ed, Dylan Farrow points to the many statements that have been made about people such as Harvey Wenstein, in which celebrities have called the man out for his alleged harassment and abuse. While plenty of people have had no issue with making their feelings known about Weinstein, when it comes to Woody Allen, Farrow points out that the response is much different, and those same people who would condemn the former, will only say that they cannot comment on things that do not pertain to them when it comes to the latter.

Dylan Farrow writes op-ed questioning Hollywood about Woody Allen
Dylan Farrow (L) with mother, Mia Farrow.Featured image credit: Ben GabbeGetty Images

Besides calling out the apparent hypocrisy of Hollywood when it comes to Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow also shared that “in the final legal disposition of the matter, a judge denied” her father custody of her, and she even said that “a prosecutor took the unusual step of announcing that he had probable cause to charge Allen but declined in order to spare me.” Farrow claims that it is because of Allen’s lawyers and public relations team that many people are unaware of these details.

As People Magazine reported, Dylan Farrow has stayed very consistent in her claims that she was sexually abused by Woody Allen, even as the filmmaker himself continues to proclaim his innocence. In response to the opinion piece, a representative for Allen said that the allegations made by Farrow have been thoroughly investigated at this point and “no charges were ever filed” because “Woody Allen is innocent.”

While there have been some actresses who have stepped forward to say they would never work with Woody Allen in the future, or have even expressed regret over working with him in the past, for others it seems that the situation is simply too complicated for them. Dylan Farrow concluded her piece by saying that she is happy to see the culture in Hollywood shifting, even if her own allegations remain “just too complicated, too difficult” for people to make a stand. While things may be changing for the better in Hollywood when it comes to sexual abuse and harassment, Farrow said that there is more to it than just the power that men have, which allows them to keep their secrets, no matter what those secrets are. She said that it is also “our collective choice to see simple situations as complicated.”