‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Season 15 Premiere — Who Was Eliminated?

Paul TrantowBravo

Top Chef Season 15 kicked off tonight and viewers watched the chefs host a potluck and then a block party, as it was a night of fun in Colorado. But who was eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the premiere results below in our Top Chef: Colorado recap.

The new challenges this season are going to take the cheftestants all around Colorado, including Denver, Telluride, Boulder, and Aspen. Tonight was the first chance to meet the judges and try to cook up some amazing dishes and survive the first night of the competition.

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs met Padma Lakshmi, and instead of getting to know each other through talking, they got to know each other through their dishes. The chefs had to cook any dish they wanted, but only had 45 minutes to do it. The dishes would be served at a potluck for the judges and each other. The winner got immunity at the next challenge on Top Chef Season 15.


After tasting all of the dishes and giving their feedback, Padma surprised the contestants. The judges would not be making the decision tonight, but the chefs would. They had to write down their favorite dish and least favorite dish of the challenge (not including their own). The winning dish would still get immunity. The chefs voted and Padma tallied the votes. There were two chefs at the bottom, Melissa and Carrie, whose dishes were voted the least favorite. The top three dishes came from Joseph, Joe, and Tu. The winner of the first Quickfire Challenge was Tu, so he won immunity.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, the chefs hosted a block party where they had to put a modern twist on a staple dish in Denver: meat and potatoes. They served their dishes to 200 locals.

Prep and Moving In

The chefs headed out to the store to do some shopping, as they had their dishes in mind. After shopping, it was back to the kitchen to prep their dishes for the next day on Top Chef: Colorado. Time was up and then off to the house, as they moved into their new digs and slept for the night after having some fun.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Season 15 Premiere
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

The Block Party

The dishes were made and the guests and judges arrived, so time to serve it up. The judges went to all the chefs and had some feedback for each of them.

  • Fatima – Tom said you can taste everything and the texture is amazing.
  • Tu – Gail Simmons said his potatoes are beautiful, but there was some bitterness to it.
  • Joe – They liked how the meat was cold.
  • Bruce – Tom said it was really balanced.
  • Carrie – The chips were burnt, but they enjoyed the cheese.
  • Brother – Gail said the lamb was cooked beautifully.
  • Rogelio – Tom said it was really good.
  • Tanya – Graham Elliot said he thought it would have more spice to it.
  • Tyler – Padma said she loved how crispy the potatoes were.
  • Chris – Gail said she is impressed by him.
  • Claudette – Tom liked the textures on the dish, but it is missing salt.
  • Laura – Gail wanted a sauce.
  • Melissa – Padma did not like how the meat was cooked.
  • Adrienne – Both Padma and Tom said it was very sweet.

After tasting the dishes, the judges met up and discussed the dishes, deciding on which ones are their favorite and which ones aren’t.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Season 15 Premiere
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

Judges’ Table

The chefs arrived in front of the judges and Tom said it was a great start to the season. The top dishes for the night came from Tyler, Chris, and Fatima. The judges enjoyed them all, but the winner of this challenge was Tyler. The least favorite dishes for the challenge came from Adrienne, Carrie, and Melissa.

After a discussion from the judges, Melissa was eliminated tonight on Top Chef: Colorado and is headed off to Last Chance Kitchen.