Calvin Harris Urged To Remix Spice Girls Song As Promised After Australia Passes Marriage Equality

Fans want this Spice Girls song to get a Calvin Harris-touch to it after he made a pact to make a remix if Australia votes 'yes' to marriage equality.

Fans want this Spice Girls song to get a Calvin Harris-touch to it after he made a pact to make a remix if Australia votes 'yes' to marriage equality.

Calvin Harris made a pact with a fan to remix a Spice Girls’ hit single if marriage equality became legal in Australia. Five years later, many of his fans are now urging him to keep that promise and give birth to an epic version of the symbolic track.

Sometime in 2012, the 33-year-old record producer and songwriter promised to reimagine the Spice Girls’ song “2 Become 1” if the Australian government favors same-sex marriage, E! News reported on Thursday.

Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, made the pact with Adelaide-based DJ Filip Odzak when they met in Sydney after the Scottish-born musician attended the Stereosonic festival. Apparently, they hung out together at a post-festival appearance at Sydney’s Marquee Bar where Calvin Harris offered a treat for his fans if same-sex marriage got legalized in the Land Down Under.

Now, Odzak is urging the Scottish artist to keep his promise after the Aussies gave their “yes” on marriage equality on Thursday. In a message he sent to Harris, the Adelaide-based DJ recalled the time they hung out in Sydney and told him that the condition in their pact has been fulfilled. Sharing a screenshot of the text on Twitter, Odzak also sent Harris an image of them together.

“For five years I’ve been waiting for this! I’m very excited to hear what you do with the iconic track to celebrate this momentous occasion. A deal is a deal!”

While Calvin Harris has yet to make any comment on the matter, fans immediately made virtual jumps of excitement, calling for the DJ to make good on his promise and remix the Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1.”

Speaking to local radio show Power Pack, Odzak explained how he got to make the popular music producer to give his word.

“I don’t know how it came up, but we were talking about what your bridal dance would be. I said — being a lifelong devoted Spice Girls fan — that mine would be ‘2 Become 1.’ My world is still Spiceworld, and I really haven’t moved beyond 1997,” the Adelaide-based DJ explained.

“Then we got on to the topic of why it wouldn’t happen, because there is no gay marriage yet. He was in shock: ‘No! I thought it was totally legal in Australia.’ Somehow, we just made the pact.”

Interestingly, Odzak was under the impression that Calvin Harris wasn’t serious about it at the time, saying that he must’ve said yes just to “impress a pretty girl” in the vicinity. Despite that, he had been holding out on that promise ever since, especially since the Scottish artist gave him his number.

Moreover, he clarified that this wasn’t a mere stunt for short-term fame — he really does want to have that “2 Become 1” remix a la Calvin Harris.

“This is it. I’ve been waiting for this moment. I want my remix. I don’t have anything else going on in my life other than this…. You’re very rich, you can have anything you want. I’ve got nothing, just do this for me.”

Whether or not the famed DJ makes good on his word, it seems like people are already rooting for the 1996 music to be heard again as Aussies and the rest of the world celebrate the legalization of marriage equality in Australia.