Zach, Tori, And Jackson Roloff Go On Another Trip, This Time With Jeremy, Audrey, And Ember Jean

Wintertime means snow and cold weather, but some members of the Roloff family managed to find some sun and sand without leaving Oregon. Zach, Tori, Jeremy, and Audrey brought their children, Jackson and Ember Jean, along to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach

Tori posted some photos from their mini-vacation on Cannon Beach, which she simply described as a dream.

“Sun…? At the beach…? In December…? Dream,” Tori said on Instagram.

Some people, particularly the older ones, may remember Haystack Rock from the Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg movie, The Goonies. The rock formation is visibly seen in the background during the film’s race scene on the beach.

Cannon Beach is not only perfect for shooting movies such as Twilight and Point Break, it is also a popular tourist destination in Oregon. In fact, it was named one of the best beaches in the United States by Stephen Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach, one of the world’s top coastal experts.

One photo Tori shared shows she with husband Zach and son Jackson in front of one of the smaller rock formations on Cannon Beach. The photo is made even more adorable with the 6-month-old Jackson sticking his tongue out while trying to grab his father’s hair.

The next photo is of the two families posing in front of the 235-foot tall Haystack Rock. The monolith is named such because of its shape.

The last photo is a close-up of Jackson and Ember Jean. Jackson is wearing a bright red jumpsuit with brown shoes, while Ember is sporting a gray jacket and leggings. She is also wearing a hat and a pair of shoes, so mommy-shamers should have nothing more to say about how Audrey does not dress Ember properly for the cold. Though some may still find something wrong with Ember Jean’s outfit because of her pair of brown corduroy shorts. Some of Audrey’s followers are not fans of the color as evidenced by the controversy Ember’s “ugly-colored” brown leggings has generated, as Us Weekly Magazine reported.

Tori and Audrey also shared still shots of the same moment on their Instagram Stories. Tori captioned hers with, “just the bestest cousins friend!” while Audrey simply said, “Heart. Eyes.” and “besties” on two of her posts.

Tori also indicated that the Roloff clan enjoyed their mini-vacation more because there were no one else on the beach while they were there.

“When you’re the only one on Haystack,” Tori said.

Tori, Zach, and Jackson just got back from a trip to Mt. Hood, as mentioned in another Inquisitr article. This also happens to be the first time Jackson went on a snow trip. Their trip to Cannon Beach is also Jackson and Ember Jean’s first trip to the beach.