‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Calls 911, Accuses Her Mother Of Assaulting Son Jace

Jenelle claims her son called her 'crying his eyes out' and said that Barbara had hit him.

Jenelle claims her son called her 'crying his eyes out' and said that Barbara had hit him.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reportedly accusing her own mother, Barbara Evans, of assaulting her young son, Jace Evans. The MTV personality called 911 late last month to report to police that Barbara had been “hitting” Jace.

According to a Dec. 7 report by Radar Online, Jenelle called the Boiling Springs Lake Police on November 30 after she claims she got a panicked call from Jace. The Teen Mom 2 star told a dispatcher that Jace had called her “crying his eyes out” and claiming that his grandmother, Barbara Evans, was “hitting him” and that he was “huffing and puffing” and was unable to breathe due to his upset state.

Jenelle Evans went on to explain that the “emergency” was at her mother’s house because that is where her son lives. The Teen Mom then went on to say that Jace told her that “Meme hit” him, adding that her son calls his grandmother “Meme.” Jenelle then explained that she could hear her mother talking to Jace, saying that he should “get out” of her house and “never come back,” not knowing that Jenelle was listening to the conversation.

Police officers reportedly responded to Jenelle Evans’ call revealing that Jace, 8, had called Jenelle and said that he was being assaulted by his grandmother, Barbara. The police report adds that “the caller” a.k.a. Jenelle could hear Barbara “yelling” at her son and was “recording” the exchange.

Everything about Jenelle’s claims seem very alarming, especially if they are found to be true and there is evidence of the alleged assault via a recording that the Teen Mom 2 star and her husband David Eason may have. However, the police report marked the status of the incident with a “no need to check.”

As many Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jenelle Evans and her mother have been battling over Jace for years. Jenelle signed over custody of her son to Barbara when he was just a baby, but now that she is living a more stable life, she has been trying to get custody back. However, at their most recent court date Barbara was awarded custody while Jenelle was given visitation with Jace.

Jenelle Evans’ relationship with her mother went downhill from there. The two don’t get along, and the Teen Mom 2 star didn’t invite her mom to her wedding last fall. Now, it seems things are going from bad to worse with these latest allegations against Barbara.