Kylie Jenner Unveils Second Surprise Item In Silver Series Makeup Collection

Kylie Cosmetics debuted its concealer collection, which boasts 30 flawless shades.

Kylie Cosmetics debuted its concealer collection, which boasts 30 flawless shades.

Kylie Jenner has been teasing three brand new products from her Kylie Cosmetics line on social media for the past week, and she finally began unleashing the makeup madness on the world. As the Inquisitr reported Tuesday, Kylie Cosmetics debuted 20 new “regular” lipsticks that would be a part of the new Silver Series line. The lipsticks will officially be for sale December 13, and now a new product has joined the Christmas fun.

Yesterday on Instagram, Kylie Cosmetics revealed its newest product: concealer. The makeup line has never offered a concealer or foundation before, so this revelation is one of a kind. The only products for the face offered by the company are blushes and highlighters, aka Kylighters.

The new concealer will come in 30 different shades and are also official members of the Silver Series, as the packaging matches that of the new lipsticks. The concealer will also launch on December 13 and covers every type of skin tone.

The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page shared 19 photos highlighting the versatility and benefits of the new products. In true Kylie Cosmetics fashion, one post showcased every concealer color with swatches on a model’s arm.

The new concealers are titled as follows: Sassafras, Almond, Cinnamon, Toffee, Gingerbread, Clove, Espresso, Mocha, Jasper, Cocoa, Himalaya, Maple, Oak, Amber, Cedar, Sesame, Peanut, Granola, Buttermilk, Chai, Pearl, Shell, Stone, Bone, Gypsum, Ivory, Sand, Hickory, Birch, and Pinenut.

Fans expressed joy in the comment sections of the photos, ecstatic that there was finally a shade lighter or dark enough for their skin tone. According to Fashionista, the new concealer line offers more colors than most other concealer lines out there. The fashion website notes brands like MAC, Urban Decay, and Tarte only offer concealers in 23, 16, and 14 shades, respectively.

The 30 shades offer a wide variety of undertones including pink, yellow, and olive. Some commenters shared they felt most of the colors looked too pink, and more like a nude lipstick line than a concealer line.

There’s no price point listed for the Kylie Cosmetics concealers yet, but the company’s prices have stayed on par with competitors in the market. A third surprise item in the Silver Series is expected to be announced later today or tomorrow.