‘Denture Donald’ Trends On Twitter As ‘Vain As Hell’ Trump’s Alleged False Teeth Mocked By Trevor Noah [Video]

Evan VucciAP Images

President Donald Trump may have made a very important speech on Wednesday, wherein he announced that the U.S. would view Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but much of the world was focused on his slurred speech. Trump spoke in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on December 6, but during certain parts of Trump’s speech, as seen in the above video snippets, Trump slurred the words “United States” and others. As a result of the melee, the video titled “#DentureDonald Slurs Through a White House Address: The Daily Show” has gone viral. With nearly 400,000 views, the video from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has gotten more than 12,000 thumbs up ratings on YouTube.

According to CNN, Trump ran into trouble near the end of his news conference, causing people on social media to wonder if Trump was having trouble with his dentures or having some other sort of medical issue that changed his speech patterns. While many people on Twitter are commenting that the way in which Trump spoke signaled a likely problem with false teeth, others wondered if Trump was having a nervous system disorder such as a brain tumor, or a possible stroke.

The White House has claimed that Trump was simply suffering from a dry mouth and throat, but those tweeting about #DentureDonald aren’t buying that excuse. Noah joked in the above video that Trump is so vain that he would never want to admit to having false teeth. Trevor then flashed the #DentureDonald hashtag across the screen and quipped that no one should use the label to tweet about “vain as hell” Trump’s alleged false teeth.

Meanwhile, people are having fun with the notion that Trump may have had a problem with his alleged ill-fitting dentures and are tweeting things like the following on Twitter about Trump’s problematic speech. Whereas some folks are calling it a low blow to make fun of Trump for potentially wearing dentures, Noah noted that there is no shame in wearing false teeth. The comedian reported that it’s only funny because it is Trump who is the one allegedly wearing the false teeth.

“Should add Fixodent and neuro checks q2 hours. #resist #DentureDonald.”

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