‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Weighs In On The California Wildfires, Fans Send Prayers

Rain BrownInstagram

Rain Brown is only 15-years-old, but the Alaskan Bush People star wants to shed light on a serious environmental issue. Rain, the youngest daughter of Billy and Ami Brown, usually uses social media to post selfies, but on Thursday, her Instagram post turned pensive.

The teenager posted several photos of the devastating effects of the California fires, which has been a pressing problem in the region. As of this month, CNN reported that more than 100,000 residents have been driven away from their homes to a safer evacuation place.

Rain Moved By The California Wildfires

“WARNING: subjects discussed in this post contain graphic details of California wildfires and victims of such fires,” Rain began in her IG post.

She then shared pictures of the dire situation, likely taken from news outlets. One photo of a severely burnt cat stood out and garnered responses from Rain’s followers.

“21 fire-related deaths have been reported as of noon yesterday…the rate of fires have drastically increased…Covering 1,090,098 acres, countless animals have lost their homes and their lives with only a small number surviving.”

Rain and her Alaskan Bush People family are known to be animal lovers. In their reality documentary show, they were often seen with pets — from their family dog Mr. Cupcake, to cats, chickens, and even cows.


Clearly moved by the issue, Rain Brown asked her followers to help the victims of the California fires. She urged her fans to donate and spread information. The reality star also reminded the public that wildfires are sometimes caused by people and their carelessness.

“Cigarettes are also a cause of wildfires by people not putting them out properly…Of course the main cause is a warming climate and heavy winds. But every small effort could help save someone’s life.”

Billy Brown And Family Still In California

This year, the Alaskan Bush People family left their home in the wild and relocated to California. Their mom, Ami Brown, has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is currently seeking treatment at the UCLA hospital.

While Billy Brown has plans to settle in Colorado in the future, recent fan sightings seem to confirm that the family is still in California. In Rain’s post of Billy’s 65th birthday celebration this week, the teenager stated that they had dinner at Gladstone’s, a popular restaurant in Malibu. Now a California girl, Rain is obviously alarmed by what’s happening in her new home.

Fans immediately expressed their concern over the Alaskan Bush People family’s safety in California. Many have left comments on Rain’s latest post and thanked the reality star for shedding light on the issue. Fans also sent their prayers.

“Oh no. I feel bad for everyone that lives in California. Hope you guys are okay,” one fan’s comment reads.

While Alaskan Bush People fans are still waiting for Discovery to announce whether the show will get a new season next year, the network confirmed that Billy and Ami’s family will be back for a one-part Christmas special on December 15.