Duggar Family News: Jana Duggar Possibly Courting, While John David Reportedly Has A Secret Relationship

When it comes to the Duggar family’s weddings and courtships, there is a lot for fans to keep up with. Five of the Duggar kids have courted and married in recent years, and most of them have already started having babies. But the oldest set of twins, Jana and John David, have done things differently than their siblings and both remain single, despite everyone else getting married before they turned 25. However, fans want to know if it is possible that things are now changing for the 27-year-olds. Could both be in relationships?

Jana Duggar And Caleb Williams

Romper is reporting that Jana is courting family friend Caleb Williams, and has been since October. Since he has appeared in various Duggar family photos and recently enjoyed a football game with Jana’s dad, Jim Bob, it seems Williams may be developing a relationship with the oldest Duggar daughter.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, neither Jana nor Williams have explicitly denied they are courting, but they have downplayed their involvement with one another.

Sources describe Williams’ beliefs as being a bit more liberal than the 19 Kids & Counting clan, but that really isn’t difficult since they are known for their uber-conservative stances on everything from dating to swimming.

John David Duggar’s Secret Life In Texas

As for John David, rumors are circulating that he is in a secret relationship with a woman from Texas. An insider claims that Jana’s twin has been spending less and less time in Arkansas, and instead divides his days between pilot training in Mississippi and being with his girlfriend in Texas.

The source goes on to say that everything with John David (and Jana, for that matter) is extremely private and purposely kept a secret.

But, it’s entirely possible that the stories of possible courtships for Jana and John David are completely false. The Duggars are known for announcing a courtship as soon as it happens, so since they haven’t confirmed anything, it’s most likely that the twins are both still single.

Duggar Family Friends Claim No Duggars Are Currently Courting

And, on a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), a source who claimed to be close to the TV family said that he didn’t know of any Duggars who were courting at the moment.

Besides Jana and John David, there are three other Duggar children over the age of 18, but not courting. Josiah, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah are all of courting age, but none have announced any relationships. When it comes to the Counting On family, the relationships of the boys don’t do as well as the girls – in success or in ratings. That can probably be attributed to the horrific scandal that surrounded oldest brother Josh back in 2015.

However, Joseph recently wed Kendra Caldwell, and things will hopefully turn out better for them.

The Duggar family has not publicly commented on Jana or John David’s love lives.


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