Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Style Rivals? Kate Stuns In Mini Dress, But Meg Secretly Copied Her For Years

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Are Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in a royal style showdown? Some fashion watchers think it’s possible, with Meghan’s style becoming so popular that just like Kate, Markle’s outfits are crashing designers’ websites. With Meghan recently sizzling in a form-fitting white coat as she and Prince Harry announced their engagement, Middleton made her well-played style choice by daringly stepping out in a spotlight-stealing mini dress. One report even claims that although Kate probably didn’t know it, Meghan has secretly been copying Middleton’s style for years.

Meghan Markle’s Style Popularity Rivals Kate Middleton

Even before Prince Harry announced that he was engaged to Meghan, Markle turned heads with her chic fashion selections. But Meghan has upped her style game in the wake of the engagement announcement, earning comparisons to Kate Middleton and even Princess Diana, reported Bustle.

“Just like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle is becoming a fashion sensation.”

Just as Kate did for years, Meghan’s style choices have resulted in products selling so quickly that they crash websites and can’t even be purchased. Although the actress was known for her fashionable choices previously, taking the red carpet spotlight in outfits such as a silver tuxedo frock, her engagement has caused the focus on her style to get much more intense.

Ever since Prince Harry and Megan Markle announced their engagement, her style has been scrutinized and compared to Kate Middleton's fashion.
Ever since Prince Harry and Megan Markle announced their engagement, her style has been scrutinized and compared to Kate Middleton's fashion.Featured image credit: KGC-375STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Markle is following in Middleton’s fashionable footsteps in becoming a style trendsetter.

Meghan Markle Style Timeline Shows How She Stole Kate Middleton’s Fashion Spotlight

Women seeking to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends have become obsessed with Meghan’s wardrobe in the same way that they used to follow Kate Middleton’s style choices, pointed out Bustle.

“Much like how people would scramble to…[purchase] Duchess Kate’s newest midi dress, Markle is now calling the shots when it comes to trends.”

The style timeline shows how Meghan’s fashion choices turned into the hottest trends. In revealing their engagement, Prince Harry was joined by Markle for official photos. She stunned in her figure-flattering white coat, a dramatic contrast to what Kate Middleton wore for her own engagement photos.

The brand who makes the coat, Line the Label, revealed that the demand for Meghan’s coat was so overwhelming that their website repeatedly crashed. Selling for $750, Markle’s coat became a sell-out in just minutes.

Meghan continues to be a trendsetter, even when it comes to her engagement accessories. Markle flaunted 18-karat gold earrings in one engagement photo. The brand that creates those earrings, Birks, experienced more than 50 percent more website traffic on the same day that the photos were released.

Kate Middleton Seeks To Take Back Spotlight By Stunning In Mini Dress

But don’t underestimate Kate Middleton when it comes to this royal style showdown. When Kate went with her husband Prince William to a global summit recently, she stunned in an eye-catching mini-dress. How to up the eye candy? Middleton went with a bright red shade, reported Vogue. But it was the length of Kate’s frock that stunned royal fashion watchers.

“The [mini-dress] was a new silhouette for Middleton, who tends to favor dresses from Catherine Walker and Temperley that hit demurely below the knee.”

Proving that she still has what it takes to make a fashionable impression, Kate provided what’s seen as a signal that traditionally prim and proper royal dress lengths are no longer so strictly governed. Middleton also chose a coat that was a striking contrast to Meghan’s white engagement photo coat.

Kate’s glen plaid coat by L.K. Bennett is part of a trend among women viewed as “high profile style-conscious” celebrities, according to Vogue. In addition to Middleton, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Melania Trump have been spotted in the plaid style.

Meghan Markle Secretly Seeking To Emulate Kate Middleton’s Style Even Before She Dated Prince Harry?

As rumors of an ongoing style showdown battle between Kate and Meghan continue, one report claims that Markle has secretly been copying Middleton’s fashion for years. Elite Daily reported that Meghan took inspiration for her first wedding gown from Kate.

“According to pictures from Markle’s first wedding, the royal-in-waiting looked to none other than future sister-in-law Kate Middleton for [style inspiration].”

When Meghan got engaged, she wore the now sold-out white coat that stunned in photos. But if the white coat looked familiar, it’s due to Kate. Middleton has sizzled in almost identical white coats for years. Did Markle get her inspiration for her engagement day outfit from Kate?

In addition, Meghan was recently spotted wearing a navy blue coat. It’s a fashion choice that Middleton also has made through the years, boosting the speculation that Markle has developed a habit of turning to Kate’s wardrobe to inspire her own style choices.