‘Fixer Upper’ Hosts Chip & Joanna Gaines Reveal Quitting TV Is ‘Risky’

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After five seasons, Chip and Joanna Gaines are saying goodbye to Fixer Upper, their mega-hit HGTV show. They previously announced this last September, before airing Season 5. Now, the power couple is opening up about their shocking decision and whether they have any regrets.

Speaking with Success Magazine, Chip Gaines acknowledged that ending Fixer Upper may not be a good career move. After all, why would someone end a highly rated show at its peak? The home renovation show, set in Waco, Texas, is HGTV’s most successful series to date. It premiered in 2013 with 1.3 million viewers. This figure ballooned to 3.4 million viewers in its Season 4 premiere last year.

According to Chip, their decision to pull the plug is “risky and irrational-sounding.” However, the 43-year-old builder insists that their family will benefit from this break.

“We’ve prayed about it, and we’ve thought about it. This did not come lightly. Obviously we’ve got this beautiful business here in Waco, and people come from all over to visit our store here. And big picture, this is a risky play.”

Chip and Joanna have four children. Their eldest is turning 13, which is why the couple decided to step away from the limelight and focus on their children, as well as their marriage.

The two have been married for 14 years. Despite being plagued by nasty divorce rumors, their marriage remains stronger than ever. In fact, the two couldn’t stop gushing over each other in their latest magazine cover.

“There are so many places where [Joanna] has refined me as a man, as a husband. I’m a better person because of the experiences we’ve had together,” Chip Gaines said of his wife.

However, Chip admits that despite being in love, their relationship is not like winning the jackpot.

“People ask all the time, ‘How do y’all have such a great marriage, and what’s the secret?’ There’s no secret. It’s hard work. Jo and I have struggles and fighting and arguments just like anybody else. This isn’t like we got lucky and hit the lottery and the two perfect people fell in love.”

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Fixer Upper may be ending soon, but Chip and Joanna Gaines aren’t really quitting fame completely. Thanks to the show, the builder-designer tandem now has a sprawling empire. This includes a furniture and home accessories line, bed-and-breakfast inns, a diner, books, and magazines. Magnolia Silos — a compound with bakeries, food trucks, and furniture shops –is now a certified tourist destination in Waco, Texas. Just recently, the couple also extended their furniture line to Target, so even people outside Texas can buy Joanna’s signature rustic-chic pieces.

Fixer Upper Season 5 premiered on November 21. It airs on HGTV every Tuesday at 9 p.m. According to Country Living, the final season will be an emotional one, with special guests including former First Lady Laura Bush and football superstar Tim Tebow.