Ryan Reynolds Trolled His Mother In New Instagram Post

If there is one thing that Ryan Reynolds seems to have a lot of fun with on social media, it is trolling people, whether they’re his costars, his wife, or his fans. In fact, Reynolds is known for trolling his wife, Blake Lively, on occasion, as well as humorously tweeting about his daughters and his friends. Now in his latest Instagram post, the actor has chosen a new target to troll, his mother, Tammy Reynolds. Known for many of his pranks on social media, especially those related to his Deadpool character, it seems that Ryan Reynolds decided to have a bit of fun at his mother’s expense on December 6.

According to People Magazine, the actor seemed to take the recent marketing for Deadpool 2 to heart when it came to sharing his antics with the ones he loves. On Instagram, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of himself with his mother on a red carpet. However, while the picture may have originally been quite innocent to begin with, once Reynolds was done with the image, his mother’s face was covered in fake tattoos. In the caption that went along with the picture, the actor said that his “Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con. #ccxp2017.”

The Instagram post comes just one day after Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool character offered to give fans in Brazil free tattoos at their booth at Comic-Con in a tweeted video. In that tweet, Reynolds was in full Deadpool gear, and was inviting fans who were attending Brazil Comic-Con to stop by to get tattooed by artists who were “moderately trained,” while offering those fans four different designs to choose from. The video even talked about the different designs being offered in a rather random manner. There was even one design that seemed to be about having people think of their mothers, which was described as a family-style tattoo, with Deadpool apparently saying “family, specifically, your mom. God, she makes an amazing breakfast.”

On Twitter, the video inviting people to come get a tattoo was captioned with a message that made it clear that Ryan Reynolds’ own mother was game to add some new tattoos to her own collection. The caption to the tweet said, “my mom barely has any room left on her face for another tattoo. But she’s going for it. Because she cares.”

Now with his recent Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds is showing off the new ink his mother apparently got just for him. With three of the four offered designs prominently displayed on his mother’s face, it looks like Tammy Reynolds was in full support of Deadpool and of course her son.

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