Dead Adult Film Star August Ames’ Brother Speaks Up After Her Alleged Suicide: ‘Bullying Is Not A Joke’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Adult film star August Ames’ brother, James Grabowski, is speaking up against bullies who allegedly drove his sister to suicide after she was accused of being a homophobe for refusing to work with an actor who appeared in “gay porn.”

The internet is swirling with speculations now that Ames, whose real name is Mercedes Grabowski, had died at the young age of 23. While authorities have yet to declare an official cause of death for the Canadian adult film actress, people close to her have been speculating that she may have taken her own life.

According to The Blast, Ames may have committed suicide after the Ventura County Medical Examiner said she died of asphyxiation due to hanging on Tuesday, December 5. Authorities said that they did not find any sign of struggle or foul play on the scene, based on their initial investigation.

However, some people close to the starlet told the outlet that August Ames had a history of depression and may have been driven to suicide by a Twitter storm that dubbed her as a homophobe for choosing who she wanted to work with.

Taking to Twitter, her friends slammed those who berated her for voicing her personal opinion.

Now, her brother shared his thoughts about his sister’s reported suicide while calling out bullies on social media and expressing his “hate” for them in a Facebook post that has since been deleted, per a report from Radar Online.

“Bullying is not a joke. It took my sister’s life and I can’t get her back.”

“This pain I feel cause people couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves is unbearable, although I have nothing but hate for each and everyone of you people who drove her to this i still do not wish this pain on you. This has forever changed me and who I am as a person,” he wrote.

Explaining further, James Grabowski said that the post is his “one and only” following his baby sister’s death and that he wished to be “left alone” to grieve.

“I lost my baby sister yesterday. There is no replacing a love and bond like I had with her. She was my rock and I was hers.”

If reports suggesting that she took her own life are proven true, August Ames will become part of the statistics on cyberbullying that led to suicide — a problem that has endangered adolescents and young adults alike over the years.

According to Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, a licensed psychologist and contributor to Psych Central, there has been a strong link between bullying and suicide even before the dawn of social media, but it became worse when “boundaries of social connection have been blurred and broken down.”

“As those boundaries between people have broken down, so too has courtesy and restraint. The shorthand language of electronics doesn’t include tact.”