'Little People, Big World': Matt, Jackson And Rest Of Roloff Family Getting Into The Christmas Spirit Early

Christmas is right around the corner, and the Roloff family, led by Matt and his grandson, Jackson, are already gearing up for a fun, memorable holiday season. Even the Little People, Big World patriarch's pet dog, Lucy, is getting an early start to the Yuletide season.

Matt mentioned less than a week ago that his children's book, "Little Lucy Big Race," which launched last September, was back in stock in time for Christmas. Matt also encouraged his followers to get the book as a gift for their family and friends.

"Ho ho ho," Matt said. "Great news, my "Little Lucy Big Race" books are back in stock! And just in time for you to order that perfect holiday gift for someone special."

The post shows Matt with a wide smile and a Santa hat. Matt is also holding up his book while Lucy stands right next to him wearing a reindeer suit.

"Lucy says, next time I have to wear the Reindeer outfit," Matt said.

Lucy seems to be having a grand time playing dress up. Aside from her reindeer costume, Matt also had Lucy wear her Christmas present of a red sweater. Matt said Lucy opened her Christmas gift early, so she got to wear the sweater right now.

Baby Jackson is primed for an amazing Christmas. As a matter of fact, this will be Jackson's first time to celebrate one of the most awaited holidays of the year. The same can be said with Jeremy and Audrey's daughter, Ember Jean, who'll be around three months when Christmas Day comes.

Jackson is all smiles while posing with Grandpa Matt's book. Jackson is the perfect person to model the book as Matt dedicated the book to his grandson. Tori, Jackson's mother, took the opportunity to remind people that the book, which she describes as Jackson's favorite one, is a "good Christmas gift idea." Tori also said that the book is now available online in time for Christmas.

"This book is so special to our family and we're so excited that grandpa dedicated it to J," Tori said. "I also love seeing the pages lined with our Sullivan."

Things started off with Amy hunting for the perfect Christmas tree with the help of her family and boyfriend, Chris Marek. Amy also shared a few photos on social media marking the start of her Christmas preparations.

Amy has already set up her Christmas tree, and she did so while listening to some Christmas songs. Amy also shared a photo with her son, Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel Rock, where the two were enjoying some cookies, bread, and a hot cup each.