Jenelle Evans Laughs At '16 & Pregnant' Days, But Fans Hint That It Should Be A Reality Check

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile since she stormed out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special a few months ago. Evans revealed that she had to support David Eason, who wanted to leave the set. He was upset that Dr. Drew kept asking Jenelle questions about Jace that made her cry. Even though this is what her story has been on Teen Mom 2 for years, it is something that David doesn't want to talk about or relive all the time. He wanted to leave, and he told Jenelle to come with him. But she hasn't really been active on social media since then, and it's clear that she wants to focus on her family.

Despite this new level of privacy, Jenelle has stayed in touch with her MTV and Teen Mom 2 fan base. And this morning, Evans revealed that she had rewatched her 16 & Pregnant audition tape and thought it was hilarious. Of course, it has been a while since she made the tape, but many people reminded her that some things hadn't changed. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now being reminded that her life and situation may not be something to laugh about.

"I just watched my 16&P audition tape, lmfao wowwww," Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter this morning, to which one person wrote back, "Not so sure that's a LOL situation. It's awful how this show follows you girls & makes you all look like rich & famous people. No wonder teens make a pregnancy pack, they think it's easy. You guys get TV shows, cars, trips, etc."

While a few supporters told her that she had definitely changed her life around, many people felt that she hadn't changed much. She still doesn't have custody of Kaiser, she's still dealing with drama on social media, and she's still being accused of doing drugs. While Jenelle Evans denied doing drugs, she also denied being on drugs when she was shooting up heroin. When she was in the hospital for a detox, she claimed she was in the hospital for medical issues unrelated to drug issues. It will be interesting to see what will surface as a result of custody fights and court battles. As of right now, Jenelle is in a custody fight over two of her three children.

Jenelle Evans has revealed that she may not come back to Teen Mom 2 next season, as she's threatened to quit the show. She has made demands, and it's uncertain whether MTV will choose to respect those demands.