'Teen Mom 2': Javi Marroquin Throws Shade At Kailyn Lowry's Friends

Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin is seemingly throwing some shade at his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry's close friends, namely her best friend, Bone Estrada. In a recent Twitter post, Javi seemed to take aim at Kailyn's friends, revealing that they may not be as loyal to her as she believes them to be.

According to a Dec. 5 post by In Touch Weekly, Javi Marroquin's tweet didn't mention Kailyn Lowry, or any of her friends, by name. However, he did drop some not so subtle hints about the Teen Mom 2 star's friend group, and appeared to slyly name drop her close friend, Bone Estrada.

Javi Marroquin tweeted, "Your friends talk a big game," not mentioning Kailyn Lowry or tagging her in the post. Javi went on to write that those friends are the ones who told him everything during the time of their messy split and divorce. While Javi adds that he doesn't need to expose anymore about the situation since it is in the past, he does say that he hopes "no 'bones' are resurrected," which has many Teen Mom 2 fans believing that Marroquin is hinting that Lowry can not trust her best friend, Bone Estrada.

Fans of Kailyn Lowry know that she and Bone are very close. Estrada is featured in many of Lowry's social media posts, and has become a staple in her Snapchat videos. After Kailyn's youngest son, Lux, was born, Bone seemingly didn't leave Lowry's side, and even helped her to pick out a name for the baby boy.

As more information is coming out, some Teen Mom 2 fans now believe that Bones Estrada may have been the one to leak Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy news earlier this year. Kailyn originally believed it was her co-star, Jenelle Evans, but Jenelle had pointed the finger at Javi Marroquin. Of course, Javi stood up for himself claiming that one of Kailyn's close friends had told him about the pregnancy. Javi even posted a screenshot of the text conversation between himself and the alleged friend with the contact information blurred out. Is Javi now revealing that Bone Estrada is not a loyal friend to his ex-wife?

It seems that only time will tell if Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's friend Bone Estrada is loyal to her, or if Javi Marroquin's cryptic tweets prove to be correct.