'Star Wars: Episode 8' Leak Reveals Snoke's Force 'Propaganda' That Defined The Galaxy And Made Him Rich

In the final week of the waiting game for Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi, new information about the highly-anticipated film comes to light, which is nothing surprising at this point.

Over on Reddit, a user conducted an AMA session to answer the questions of fellow Redditors about Star Wars: Episode 8, alleging he is familiar with the plot and even teasing a big twist.

It goes without saying that this report is best taken with a pinch of salt, but in the off-chance it ends up being the real deal, the teases about Star Wars: Episode 8 being "different" from every other Star Wars films will seem like an understatement because it turns the mythology on its head and impacts the whole saga in massive and permanent ways.

Much of the leakster's revelations are nothing new, including Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) teaming up by the end of Star Wars: Episode 8 to defeat Supreme Leader Snoke.

He did, however, offer a fresh insight on who the ancient villain is, and it is game-changing, to say the least. According to the Star Wars: Episode 8 leakster, Snoke is a fallen member of a group called the Whills, who, in the Star Wars lore, are known as the first beings to ever discover the Force.

Fans would remember that the infamous Journal of the Whills, which appears to have been procured by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) during his travels, is glimpsed in The Last Jedi full trailer.

Luke as seen in 'Star Wars: Episode 8-The Last Jedi'

To the Whills, the Force does not have a light side or a dark side. It is just how those sensitive to it use it and what they use it for that takes away its neutrality.

So far in Star Wars, those who used it for harm believed they were tapping into its dark side while those who used it for good thought that they are operating on its light side; both of which are nonexistent, at least according to the Whills.

As per the Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi insider, Ahch-To is the home planet of the Whills, and it was not originally covered in water until a great flood caused by an unknown force a thousand of years ago, which killed the entire group except one. The lone survivor was Snoke.

According to the Star Wars: Episode 8 leakster, it was Snoke who orchestrated the flood. The humanoid apparently made it seem that he was the only one who made it out of the catastrophe.

He then whipped up a lie that will go on to define the Force in the millennia to come. He weaved a story about the Chosen One prophecy, the light and dark side of the Force as mere "propaganda," which spawned a fake religion where he exploited Force wielders to turn them against each other, all in the name of greed.

This is reportedly how he made his money, which is why in Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi, Snoke is filthy rich, and everything he owns from his clothes to his ships is teeming with class and power.

Andy Serkis, who does the voice and motion capture for the character, also recently revealed that the Star Wars villain has "unlimited resources," and he is a "cruel manipulator." This would explain it.

Rey as seen in 'Star Wars: Episode 8- The Last Jedi'

This is also why Snoke is so adamant in inciting war because he wants to make more money. This leads the hardworking Star Wars watcher and YouTuber, Bastion of Kuul, to speculate how he is connected to the casino planet.

He suggests that those who do not wish to get involved in the warfare, the aristocrats of the galaxy in Canto Bight, for example, are promised protection by him, provided they pay a hefty sum.

All these mind-blowing discoveries are supposedly made by Rey through the documents she finds in the Force tree in Star Wars: Episode 8.

However, a user challenged the Redditor's claims, saying that if this is the case, Snoke would have known or at least sensed that Luke Skywalker was on his home planet all along in Star Wars: Episode 7—The Force Awakens.

Bastion of Kuul suggested that this situation could be explained away as a callback to the original Star Wars films when a baby Luke was brought to Tatooine, where his father lived as a child. Snoke seems to have simply pushed everything he did to his people and everything about his home to the back of his head.

While many of these revelations hyped up many fans, there is still the question of whether this leakster is the real McCoy or not. Thankfully, the truth will be out soon as Star Wars: Episode 8—The Last Jedi hits the theaters on December 15.