'12 Days Of Disney Parks Christmas': Day 1 News Featured Return Of Pixar Play Parade, Fun New Story Elements

Just in time for the holiday season, Mickey and the Walt Disney World Company are hosting a "12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas" celebration. The fun kicked off on Dec. 5. Walt Disney Parks & Resorts fans saw the launch of the first of 12 information-packed days that feature thrilling news of future offerings in 2018 "and beyond" about the most magical place on the Earth.

Jeepers -- in the spirit of the world's most famous mouse -- where is the best place to begin with all the exciting news on the day Walt Disney would have celebrated turning 116 (via the Tampa Bay Times)? With Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi coming soon, Disney wrapping up plans to buy Twenty-First Century Fox (via CNBC), Disneyland Resort offering six reasons to book your holiday vacation on property, and the swell of patrons vying for a table at the Be Our Guest eatery at Magic Kingdom park, the news coming out of Disney is dizzying.

Don't worry, over the next 12 days, you'll be in the know about all the many things to do in Disney parks, the Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Disney World, the Disney Resort & Spa, and Aulani in Hawaii, to name a few.

The first thing out the chute was about the world of Pixar Animation Studios, namely the parade. The Pixar Play Parade is making a return in four months at the Disneyland Park.

There's a tiny downside: it has a limited run. However, as consolation, the parade has a ton of things to offer. For example, the awe-inspiring Disney parade features more of the stories you've come to love and has three never-before-seen story elements on board.

Beginning April 13, 2018, the colorful parade kicks off with the Pixar Lamp. And, as it's done in the movies, the beloved Pixar Ball makes a cameo and will roll ahead of the Lamp in the procession.

For Up movie fans, you're in for another treat; Wilderness Explorer Russell is set to appear alongside Kevin, the enchanting and unusual flightless bird. Carl Fredricksen and Dug are lagging behind all the nearer among a burst of lush vegetation and "snipe chicks," according to the Disney Blog. And floating high above parade is Carl's iconic house. Yes, the visual is as thrilling as you can imagine.

To round out the exciting news out of the Disney Parks is the final story element in the Pixar Play Parade: the Oscar-winning winning (Best Animated Feature Film) Inside Out movie. Young Riley's friends (aka her conflicted emotions) roost on the tops of brilliantly crafted memory orbs.

Sadness and Joy soar together on Bing Bong's (voiced by Richard Kind) rocket wagon. As you may have guessed, he roots for them the whole way. In the blink of an eye, thanks to the creative genius of engineers and artists, Riley's bumpy transition from the quaint Midwest to the big city in San Francisco comes to life in a parade.

Stay tuned for new story elements at the Disneyland Park as the Pixar Play Parades get underway on April 13 during Pixar Fest. Also, keep your eyes peeled and your ears uncloaked for news about new Disney Parks dining options, new Disney resort things-to-do, vacation tips and newly released videos and pictures during the 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas.