Margaret Josephs And Siggy Flicker Fight Is Heating Up Again: Accusations Of Mental Instability

Margaret Josephs may be new to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, but she isn’t going to let the housewives from last year overpower her. It’s no secret that Margaret and Siggy have not seen eye-to-eye this season. While Siggy Flicker wanted compassion and sympathy from her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars throughout the season, Josephs hinted that perhaps Siggy was too emotional and needed some help herself. She kept claiming that she was a relationship expert, but she struggled to make her own relationships and friendships work. The feud between these two heated up throughout the season and while fans thought that they had worked on their issues during Siggy’s retreat, it sounds like things are not well based on recent tweets.

According to a new tweet, Margaret Josephs is now revealing that she doesn’t know why Siggy Flicker feels the need to talk about her all the time. A fan told Margaret that Siggy was tweeting things about her, but Josephs didn’t take it seriously. Instead, she hinted that perhaps Siggy Flicker had some issues that she needed to work on. She revealed that Flicker is mentally unwell and Margaret believes that Siggy only thinks about her.

“Unfortunately, she is mentally unwell. Nothing else seems to truly matter to her but me. It’s sad. I don’t thrive on hate or obsess on negativity. Life is too good and too short; and no one is worth that much time and attention. #RHONJ,” Margaret Josephs replied to the fan who brought Flicker’s tweets to her attention, hinting that this tweet may be the one in question from Siggy, “Pigtails & Pot Puss FRIED her brain! How in the world is it ok to mock my hubby, my medical problem, my career, my name, my son & then let HITLER roll off her tongue in a remark directed at the only Jewish girl at the dinner table discussing a charity event! I’M DONE! #RHONJ.”

While it is possible that Siggy would deny being obsessed with Margaret Josephs, it does seem odd that she would tweet things about Margaret. She’s clearly upset about something and she clearly has a hard time letting go of the drama that has played out between these two. It seems like Flicker doesn’t like Margaret because Josephs is a strong woman who doesn’t necessarily listen to Flicker’s relationship advice. While the other women on The Real Housewives of New Jersey will listen to Siggy, Margaret hasn’t really been that open to Flicker’s advice. Perhaps she doesn’t feel she needs advice and her unwillingness to work with Siggy has made Siggy feel like Margaret is cold.

Margaret Josephs and Siggy Flicker are both on Bravo tonight, as the newest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs. The reunion special was filmed last week and things may have heated up.

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