Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars’ Episode 3? [Spoilers]


The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars definitely brought the drama tonight, as viewers saw tears and fighting. Viewers saw more surprise eliminations tonight on The Challenge, but who went home on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars tonight? Find out the Episode 3 results below.

Last week on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, viewers got to see the Champs pull out another victory in the challenge. However, this one hurt a little more, as Jenna was injured during the challenge. They found out later that she needed surgery and was sent home, so the bad juju for these champions is there. The night ended with Terrell Owens and CT getting into an argument, as Terrell got in his face when the night ended.


After CT and Terrell had more words, things finally calmed down and it was time for the nominations to happen. Ariane nominated herself for the Stars, knowing she was going to be nominated. For the Champs, Emily was the MVP and she got to nominate someone. She chose to nominate Jenna, which meant there would be no elimination tonight since Jenna was already eliminated because of an injury. Ariane stayed in the competition and got $5,000 for her charity.

The Challenge

The Miz started the challenge by saying that Terrell Owens decided to leave the competition, so no more Terrell on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. The players all seemed to be excited about this news, and the energy is already feeling higher.

For this challenge, they played “Slam Ball,” which was 3-on-3 basketball on trampolines for five-minute rounds. The teams would play best out of five rounds and the team with the most points after each round wins.



The teams discussed and got their lineups ready for this challenge. Below are the results on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars.

  • Round 1 – Champs won 7-4
  • Round 2 – Champs won 3-1 and had an overall 2-0 lead
  • Round 3 – Champs swept this one, as they won another challenge

The Champs discuss and give the MVP to Zach, as he had the most points scored. He got $5,000 for his charity, but also had to name an LVP from his team, as it is a guy’s elimination this week. The Stars had to nominate someone from their team as well.

Bad News

After the challenge, Ashley got a call from her mother and her dad took a turn for the worse and she had to go home. Lots of tears were shed.


Romeo Is Emotionally Bruised

During the challenge, Romeo was elbowed in the eye. It was an accident by Zach, but Romeo made a huge deal out of it and even brought in his bodyguards to stand by his side. He demanded to review the tapes to see if it was intentional. Afterwards, he was so upset that he wanted to go into the elimination to prove how tough he was, even though Riff Raff volunteered to go in again.


The Miz returned and we found out that Zach donated his winnings from this challenge to Ashley’s charity. For the nominations, Zach nominated Wes for the Champs. Romeo said the competition got to him, so when this show is done, he will donate to everyone’s charity. The Stars voted for their LVP and they voted Romeo.

Another Player Gone?

Matt and Justina were talking and apparently Riff Raff texted them and said he would not be at the elimination tonight, as he was at a pool party. They thought he should be there to support Romeo, so they are thinking he might leave the competition as well.


Elimination Challenge

Riff Raff was not in attendance, so the Stars were a little disappointed. For the challenge, which will take place next week, the players will be tied up on their ankles and hung upside down. They will have handles to grab so they can pull themselves down to then get to a buzzer. First player to hit the buzzer would win.