‘Monster Hunter: World’ PlayStation 4 Beta Includes Up To Four-Player Co-Op Over Three Quests

Before its release next year, PlayStation 4 players can preview the co-op of Monster Hunter: World during a brief beta. The beta is open to all PlayStation 4 players with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Players can complete a few quests in the beta in parties of up to four players. Progress will not carry over to the live game, but players can get a good idea of what the game has to offer.

In the Monster Hunter: World beta, players can take on three of the game’s quests. These specific quests take players to two different areas of the game. Players will preview the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste in the beta. The beginner quest will have players taking down the Great Jagras while the Barroth is the standard target. Finally, players can challenge themselves against the tough Anjanath enemy according to the Capcom website.

Before heading into battle, players can test 14 different types of weapons in the game’s Training Room. Players can select their weapon type before starting a quest, and the Training Room is a perfect way to select the right weapon for them. Monster Hunter: World features both melee and ranged weapons. Master the Bow, the Charge Blade, the Dual Blades, the Great Sword, the Gunlance, the Hammer, the Heavy Bowgun, the Hunting Horns, the Insect Glaive, the Lance, the Light Bowgun, the Long Sword, the Switch Axe, and the Sword and Shield.

Like most beta tests, content included in the Monster Hunter: World beta is subject to change. Although players will not keep any progress from the beta, those that test the game in the beta will unlock special rewards when the game launches. Players will need to complete each of the three available beta quests in order to unlock the reward.

It is also important to note that the beta will not include the full character creator. Players can choose from a selection of preset characters for the beta, but the live game will feature the full character creator. The beta begins on December 9 and ends on December 12.

Monster Hunter: World will release on January 26, 2018, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As the Inquisitr reported, this entry of the franchise will be the first to feature cross-region co-op gameplay. The game is launching globally, letting players from different regions play together from the beginning. At this time, there is still no release date for the PC version of Monster Hunter: World.

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