NFL Rumors: Jon Gruden Reportedly Open To Coaching New York Giants If Eli Manning Is Back With The Team

Streeter LeckaGetty Images

The NFL rumors are pointing to a potential return for Jon Gruden, who could be making his way back to the sidelines with the New York Giants — on one condition.

The booth analyst has been the subject of rumors each year, with reports connecting Gruden to pretty much any high-profile job opening (and even some of the lower-profile teams as well). Each year, Gruden has decided to remain in the relatively comfortable confines of the announcer’s booth, but this could be the year he finally returns to the NFL.

Rumors around the NFL this week indicated that Jon Gruden could join the New York Giants next year. As USA Today reported, the rumors even grew so pervasive that Gruden addressed them during Monday Night Football. During the broadcast, Sean McDonough asked Gruden if he might actually coach for the Giants, noting that the someone was putting the odds at 35:1.


“Would you take the over or the under on 35:1?” McDonough asked.

“I’ll take the under on that if Eli comes back,” Gruden replied.

While it may have been a half-joking reply, there is some thought that Jon Gruden would be a good fit for the New York Giants. For one, Gruden would be well-equipped to handle what is likely the most difficult climate for a head coach, the intense scrutiny that comes from the New York media. While other coaches have withered under this pressure, Gruden seems well versed in interacting with the media both from his time coaching and as a television analyst.

Gruden has also said in the past that he would consider returning to the NFL if the situation was right. Though the New York Giants are enduring a disappointing season, the franchise has been consistently competitive in the NFC East and would become a major free agent draw with Gruden as head coach.

While the NFL rumors may not be clear about Jon Gruden, at least one piece is falling into place. After being benched for one week, Eli Manning is back at the helm for the New York Giants. As reported, Manning will be starting again this week for the Giants as they take on the Dallas Cowboys.