Timothy Heller: Who Is She? Interesting Facts About ‘The Voice’ Star Melanie Martinez’s Rape Accuser

Timothy HellerTwitter

Timothy Heller was put on spotlight after she updated her Twitter with a shocking story that The Voice star, Melanie Martinez, raped her. She claimed that Melanie took advantage of their close friendship and molested her at one point.

On Dec. 4, Twitter exploded after Timothy Heller revealed that she was sexually violated by the American singer during a sleepover. However, she did not mention any specific date when the incident supposedly happened.

Heller further alleged that 22-year-old Melanie Martinez used power over her to manipulate and abuse her when they were still friends. In any case, very little is known about Timothy Heller so here is a roundup of facts about Melanie Martinez’s accuser.

She Was Best Friends with Melanie

In one of her tweets, Heller divulged that when the sexual assault happened, she and Martinez were best friends. Since they were that close, she said that the night when it happened was very awkward.

“It seemed strange, but she was my best friend. The thought of accepting that my best friend raped me seems insane. It’s hard to say someone you loved rape you,” she tweeted. Timothy added that telling this horrible story incident to the world actually terrifies her.

She Was A Band Member

Timothy Heller was a former member of the band called Dresses. She was the group’s lead singer along with the male vocalist named Jared Ryan Maldonado. Dresses sang together with Melanie Martinez in 2014 at The High Watt in Nashville.

Since her younger days, Timothy has been interested in singing, and she honed her skills by being part of the high school band and musicals.

She Debuted As a Singer in October

Many might not have heard about her, but Timothy Heller released a song titled “Sleep.” The track also marked her solo debut in October. In an interview, she said that it was her best friend’s boyfriend who inspired her to write her debut song.

She explained that she wrote part of the lyrics from her friend’s boyfriend’s perspective as he tries to win her back after cheating on her. On the other hand, the chorus has been written based on how her best friend feels after the breakup. “She just wanted to sleep it away. So the chorus is from her perspective,” Timothy told Atwood Magazine.

She Suffered From Mental Illness

Timothy Heller also opens up about her struggles with mental illness. She divulged that while she was still part of Dresses, she suffered a lot as her own team subjected her to extreme mental abuse. She got all better after leaving the band and started to focus on her mental wellness.

She is into Men

Finally, Timothy reveals that she is into men. In fact, she shared that she is currently dating Mikey, a man who produces music. She said that her boyfriend is an amazing producer who continues to support her and her music.

Meanwhile, Melanie Martinez got popular after joining The Voice in 2012. She made it to the final six and released “Dollhouse” after being eliminated. The song was certified platinum by the RIAA and Atlantic Records signed her up.