Select Retired Crown Crates Return To ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Alongside New Items


This month in The Elder Scrolls Online, players can pick up new festive items from the Crown Store. A new house, furniture, a motif, several hats, and a mount will be available throughout the month. Each item added this month will only be available for a limited time. None of the new items are permanent additions to the Crown Store. Not to mention, a few existing items are being retired in December as well.

Starting on December 7, the Pariah’s Pinnacle home will be purchasable from the Crown Store. The new Orcish manor is located in Wrothgar, the zone added to the MMORPG in the Orsinium DLC. The new lot is located near the Maelstrom Arena perched on the snowy mountainside. The home will only be available until January 2. During the same period, players can pick up the Malacath’s Chosen furnishing pack, which includes many Orcish items like a sturdy bed, statues, and more.

The Stalhrim Frostcaster style is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in December, too. The new motif will let players craft armor in the style so long as they have the required materials. The wintry appearance will only be available from December 14 until January 2. More stylish items, namely four hats, are also coming to the Crown Store this month. Each of these will only be available for a few days. Be sure to visit the official website for availability on the Winter Broadbrims hat, New Life Monk’s Cap, Sun’s Dusk Winter Hood, and New Life Festival Cap.

The Winter Garland Dapple Gray mount in The Elder Scrolls Online
Featured image credit: Bethesda

From December 21 until January 2, a festive holiday mount will be available in the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. The Winter Garland Dapple Gray horse is a simple mount adorned with garland and bells. All of these items, including this new mount, will only be available for a limited time, so players will need to purchase them before they leave the Crown Store.

Two discontinued Crown Crates are back this month as well. Beginning today, players can buy Storm Atronach crates again for a chance at mounts infused with lightning. These crates will only be available until December 7. On December 11, the Wild Hunt Crown Crates will return, which include mounts themed around nature. Wild Hunt crates will only be available until December 14. During their promotional period, players cannot buy specific items from these crates with Crown Gems.

Finally, a handful of items will be removed from the Crown Store on December 11. The costumes found in the Armored Knights Pack and Stealthy Rogues Pack are being retired. The Abecean Ratter cat non-combat pet is also being removed from Crown Store.

Players can also pick up a free pet from their platform’s storefront right now. As the Inquisitr reported, players of The Elder Scrolls Online can download their free Brassilisk pet from the PlayStation Store or the Xbox One Store now.