‘Pretty Little Liars’ Threats Discovered, Two Ohio Teens Arrested

Pretty Little Liars was an incredibly successful television show. It ended back in April, but some fans are still stuck on the storyline. “A” haunted the liars in Rosewood and exposed plenty of their dark secrets. The majority of Pretty Liars Liars was filmed during the high school years, which resonated with many teenage girls. Unfortunately, a few of those girls paid a little too much attention to “A,” and the actions they took have landed them in hot water.

On Pretty Little Liars, the threats usually came via text messages. When the liars’ phones would buzz, viewers knew something was going down. According to TV Guide, two teenage girls from Ohio have been arrested for Pretty Little Liars-inspired threats made under the guise of “A.” These girls allegedly made a Snapchat account and called it “A.” This was used to threaten to expose their classmate’s darkest secrets. Eventually, it led to one of the teen girls threatening to shoot up Piqua high school in Ohio. Classes were canceled at the school last Friday, and the two teen girls were arrested in conjunction with the message and threats. The message talked about shooting up the school and was written on a bathroom mirror. It was signed just as things in Pretty Little Liars were.

Details about the Ohio teens have been kept out of the media. They are underage and are going to be tried in juvenile court. The idea that Pretty Little Liars inspired these two girls to go on a bullying spree isn’t as shocking as it should be. Several other stories and television shows have been cited as the place where criminals have gotten their ideas. The threat has been taken care of, and Piqua high school in Ohio will try and return to some sense normalcy.

With Pretty Little Liars back in the spotlight, more “A” crimes could be popping up. There were a lot of twists and turns that happened in the show, including covering up some serious crimes. The teen girls in Ohio got lucky that they were not charged as adults, especially with something as serious as threatening to shoot up their high school. While the intention behind the threat may not have been serious, the idea that the school canceled classes speaks volumes. There have been no further details released about the other types of Pretty Little Liars threats or taunting that was happening on Snapchat, but it is believed to have stopped with the arrest of the two teens.

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