Video Of ‘Twilight’ Actor Bronson Pelletier Urinating In Airport Surfaces Online

Although the Twilight actor claims it didn’t happen, video of Bronson Pelletier urinating in an airport has surfaced online.

The actor, who portrays the werewolf Jared in the popular movie franchise, was arrested on December 18 for allegedly urinating near a public gate at the Los Angeles International Airport.

TMZ recently posted video which clearly shows the actor peeing freely in front of horrified onlookers. Some of them can even be heard gasping in the video embedded below.

A representative for Bronson Pelletier explained to the website that the actor was planning to enter a treatment facility at some point in the near future.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Twilight alum was kicked off a recent flight after displaying some unruly behavior. After being deemed too intoxicated to fly by flight staff, Pelletier was booted from the plane.

Officers reportedly told the actor to wait in a terminal and sober up. After he was left to his own devices, reports surfaced that Pelletier had urinated near the public gate. Officers returned later to place him under arrested.

According to the Daily Mail, the actor was charged with public intoxication for his behavior at the Los Angeles International Airport. Although he originally claimed he never urinated in public, the included video suggests otherwise.

Sadly, this isn’t the actor’s first brush with the law in recent days. On December 8, Bronson Pelletier was arrested after refusing to leave West Hollywood’s Gym Bar. After making several patrons feel uncomfortable, the staff placed a call to police.

Authorities placed the actor under arrest for public intoxication. Officers also discovered Pelletier was carrying cocaine and methamphetamine on the evening in question.

Video of the incident has been embedded below. Although certain bits have been blurred out, the video is still a little graphic.

Bronson Pelletier has yet to issue an official statement regarding his behavior at LAX.