Bottled Water Illegal In Massachusetts Town

Concord, MA – A new ban preventing the sale of single-serving plastic containers has essentially made bottled water illegal.

The law reportedly went into effect on Tuesday. According to Fox News, the town previously voted on the legality of bottled water back in April. Local activists have recently pushed for a return to tap water in the area. Many are hoping the ban will cut down on the amount of water generated by those who prefer the bottled alternative.

Retailers caught selling the product will be given a warning for the first offense. The second violation will result in a $25 fine. Sellers can expect to pony up $50 for each subsequent offense.

Business Insider reports the Massachusetts town is the first in the nation to instate a ban on bottled water. Other areas could follow suit in the coming years as more people look to cut down on the amount of plastic currently piling up in landfills.

The ban reportedly has its sights set squarely on “non-sparkling” bottled water. Soda products and other beverages housed in plastic containers will not be affected by the Concord ban.

According to The New York Times, 84-year-old Jean Hill is one of the people responsible for getting the bottled water ban into place. Hill said in 2010 that she intended to move forward with the ban until she dropped.

She explained:

“If you believe in something, you have to persist and you have to have a thick skin. The bottled water companies are draining our aquifers and selling it back to us. We’re trashing our planet, all because of greed.”

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Many readers at MSN have lashed out at the ban. One user wrote:

“Well I guess someone should get over one on Concord, Massachusetts and start selling can water. Really people are not paying more for the water, they’re paying because it’s convenient for them.”

What do you think about the ban that makes bottled water illegal?