The Most Liked Photos And Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram In 2017

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Despite having a month left in 2017, Instagram released their official statistics for 2017 a few days ago. The world’s most popular photo-sharing app has reached over 800 million users this past year, garnering some of the most liked posts of all time.

Surprisingly enough, three celebrities claimed every spot of the top 10 proving their true social media power. Stars like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian West, and Justin Bieber were assumed to make the top 10 list, but couldn’t nab a spot.

Most Liked Photos

Instagram users and fans of the entertainment world now finally know which celebrity has the most liked photo of the year. It comes as no surprise that Beyonce holds the title for 2017. Not only does she have the most liked photo of the year, but she also has the fourth most popular photo as well. Queen Bey’s baby announcement post back in February is the most liked photo with 11,195,732 likes at the time of this post.

The “Crazy In Love” singer shared the happy news with her 108 million followers and announced she and Jay-Z were expecting twins. Not only is the photo the most liked of 2017, but it is the most liked Instagram photo of all time.

The singer’s first official photo of twins Rumi and Sir took the number four spot, with over 10.2 million likes. The photo was styled in the same way her announcement was, as Beyonce has become the queen of Instagram themes.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo holds the number two spot from a post just last month. The star athlete shared an image with his son and girlfriend the day their new baby arrived on November 12. The photo almost caught up to Beyonce with an astonishing 11,063,544 likes in just a few weeks. Cristiano also has the fifth, and eighth most liked photos from the year as well.

Selena Gomez took the number three spot with a slideshow of three photos detailing her kidney transplant from over the summer which has 10,354,940 likes as of today. Selena also rounds out the rest of the top 10 with the sixth, seventh, ninth and tenth most liked photos of the year.

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Most Followed Celebrities

Selena reigns supreme as the most followed celebrity on Instagram with over 130 million followers. Cristiano lands at number two with over 116 million, with Ariana Grande nabbing the number three spot with just over 115 million.

Rounding out the rest of the top 10 are as follows:

  • Beyonce – 108M+
  • Kim Kardashian West – 104M+
  • Taylor Swift – 104M+
  • Kylie Jenner – 99.5M+
  • Dwayne Johnson – 96M+
  • Justin Bieber – 93.9M+
  • Kendall Jenner– 84.8M+

Biggest Follower Increase

A statistic not often discussed is the added follower count within a year. The results from 2017 are shocking and shaped the overall follower top 10 count for the year. Cristiano Ronaldo gained an astonishing 30 million followers in 2017, with Selena Gomez right behind him with 24 million. Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Dwayne Johnson, Leo Messi, and Neymar Jr. all gained over 20 million followers for the year as well.

Beyonce couldn’t quite break the 20 million barrier, only gaining 17 million followers for the year. Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian also gained 16 million and 15 million followers respectively.

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