'Alaskan Bush People' Update: Brown Family Celebrates Dad Billy's Birthday - Is Ami Present?

Alaskan Bush People patriarch, Billy Brown, is celebrating his birthday on Dec. 3 and, before he officially turns 65, his family members are coming together in a pre-celebratory dinner in an unidentified beach boutique restaurant somewhere in California's coastal area.

Daughter Rainy, who also celebrated her birthday recently, posted a photo of herself with sister Birdie. Apparently, her father Billy is not captured in the photo, but her caption suggests otherwise.

In a short but love-filled caption, the 15-year-old reality star hinted what the dinner is about and who she is with, saying, "I must say eating dinner on the beach next to a sunset with people you love is just about the best feeling in the world."

The Alaskan Bush People star also included several hashtags in her post, including her trademarks, #stayhappy and #staystrong with new words defining the moment like #blessed, #sunsetvibes, #sisterpics, and #spreadhappiness.

One notable hashtag she used is #calicoast which subtly confirms that their family is still in L.A. where Ami is continuously being treated and monitored. On the other hand, the post offers nothing related to Ami's condition but having the whole family out to celebrate her husband Billy's birthday, she must be present there somehow.

Prior to posting the photo with Birdie, Rainy also shared a short video clip of the night sky which was interrupted by someone who tried to scare her.

"Right as I was trying to do a nice pan off into the night sky... Of course, someone had to scare me."

People who have watched the video are guessing who tried to scare her off. One commenter thought it was Gabe, saying, "Maybe Gabe getting back at you for the prank you played on him?"

Another one asked if it was Gabe who scared her, writing, "Did Gabe scare you? Payback for flipping water on him if it was [Gabe]."

But not everyone in the comment section gets the siblings' exchange of joke, an angry Alaskan Bush People fan said, "Whoever that person was, it's not funny!"

Right as I was trying to do a nice pan off into the night sky...... of course someone had to scare me... #stayhappy #staystrong #sunsetvibes #calicoast #imabigbaby #

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The rest of the comments were asking for updates about Ami, others looking for the brothers not present in the photo, and those who wished Billy a happy birthday.

Although lesser details are being shared by the family to the public, most of these unseen events will hopefully be featured in the Alaskan Bush People's new television spin-off, which is rumored to be called Colorado Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People is reportedly coming back this December 15 on the Discovery Channel for a one-part Christmas Special.