Audrey Roloff Shares Another Sweet Ember Moment, But Some 'LPBW' Fans Are Triggered Again

Simon Alvarez

Audrey Roloff recently uploaded the latest picture of her daughter, Ember Jean. Just like the other images she has uploaded of her firstborn, Audrey's recent upload was undoubtedly overflowing with cuteness. The Little People, Big World star even shared some insights on something that parents all go through -- a little condition Audrey has dubbed as "cute aggression." Instead of Ember's smiling face, however, some LPBW fans were focused on something much different.

Baby Ember's latest photo could easily be her best one yet. In Auj's most recent social media upload, the youngest member of the reality TV family was smiling widely as she rocked another cute ensemble. This time around, Audrey dressed up Ember in a lovely pink sweater, some floral bloomers, and thick brown tights. Auj wrapped up the look with a pink headband.

Needless to say, many of Audrey's Instagram and Facebook followers were impressed at how Ember looked in her latest photo. Some even stated that the youngest member of the Roloff family would likely grow up to be a little fashionista.

"She's beautiful and I️ love her outfits," wrote one commenter.

"She's growing up fast. A little fashionista in the making," wrote another.

While most of the reactions to Ember's latest photo were positive, Audrey's latest upload still attracted her usual fare of critics. This time around, the LPBW star's social media shamers had issues with the way she dressed her baby. According to some of Audrey's critics, Ember's ensemble was not fashionable at all, and that overall, her latest outfit was quite unsightly.

"Very cute but she is never dressed (with) nice little colors," wrote another.

In a lot of ways, Ember's latest ensemble is classic Audrey. Ever since she debuted on the show, Audrey has always been a fan of earth tones and monochromatic ensembles. A simple look at her Always More clothing line would easily prove that the Little People, Big World star prefers clothes with somewhat subdued colors. With this in mind, it is not really that surprising to see Audrey dress Ember like herself.

Over the past few months, Audrey Roloff has been subjected to a lot of criticism involving her parenting style. From the clothes she wears to the way she takes care of Ember, Audrey's Instagram and Facebook posts have mostly turned into a huge target for her online critics. Despite the constant barrage of criticisms, however, Audrey, just like any parent out there, is still madly in love with her little Ember.