Jennifer Garner Reveals Who Still Makes Her Starstruck — And It Is Definitely Not Ben Affleck

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Jennifer Garner has made quite the career in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she avoids getting starstruck from time to time. The actress recently revealed who still makes her starstruck – and you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

Who Makes Garner Starstruck?

According to AOL, Garner admitted that she gets starstruck pretty much every time she meets somebody who can do something she can’t at a high level. At the top of Garner’s list are people who write children’s book, such as author Marla Frazee.

In fact, Garner confessed that she was literally speechless when she first met Frazee. She is also in awe of musicians and ballerinas because she finds their work incredibly impressive. Garner’s confessions came while she was promoting her new film with Maika Monroe, The Tribes of Palos Verdes.

Jennifer Garner Is Still Adjusting To Single Life

While it is interesting to know that an A-lister of Garner’s caliber still gets starstruck, the actress is also adjusting to life as a single mother. An inside source told People that Garner hasn’t gone on a date since divorcing Affleck and is still getting used to the single life.

Although the actress is quite the catch, she really isn’t interested in dating at the moment. Instead, Garner is happy with how things are going in her life and is focusing on being the best mother for her three kids: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5.

How Is Garner Celebrating The Holidays This Year?

Garner may have moved on since the divorce, but she still keeps in contact with her ex-husband. In fact, an insider revealed that Garner and Affleck spent Thanksgiving together and that Garner was looking forward to having some alone time with the kiddos over the holiday.

Garner reportedly wants Affleck to remain an important part of her children’s lives and enjoys spending holidays together as a family.


Garner’s Next Big Role

While Jennifer Garner enjoys some much-needed rest, she is also gearing up for her newest role in the action film, Peppermint. The actress has been sharing loads of photos on social media as she prepares to get in shape for the film, including shots of her workout routines and her pre-makeup morning selfies.