Ladies, These Are The Qualities Justin Bieber Looks For In A Woman

Justin Bieber is one of the few talented celebrities that started out their careers mainly through the web and specifically through YouTube. Currently aged 21, he is arguably the most popular male pop artist in the world. However, he has in the past few years been involved in a couple of highly publicized misdemeanors.

For example, in 2014, he was charged with vandalism after egging his neighbor's house. CCTV video footage revealed that Justin was at the scene during the incident. Last year, he was also charged with careless driving while in Canada. Apparently, his ATV was involved in a collision with a minivan. He was fined the equivalent of $600 dollars.

Justin Bieber helmet [Image via Twitter]
Justin Bieber helmet [Image via Twitter]However, despite the altercations with the law and highly publicized flip-outs, he has over the years managed to maintain his popularity, and among the elements that contribute to these are his good looks, with some sources also pointing to his "bad boy" image.

Of course, currently single, he has millions of teenage girls swooning over him. So much so that research studies have been conducted to try and explain the phenomenon. The following are some of the findings as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

"The symptoms include uncontrollable screaming, swooning and spending hours on Twitter and Facebook. It primarily affects preteen and teen girls, yet it is highly contagious and can infect mothers, too. In severe cases, sufferers camp out on sidewalks for days."
According to Emma Reeves, one of Justin Bieber's fans, "The appeal for me is, of course, that he's beautiful... It's hard to find people who are successful, nice and care about other people and he has it all!"

 Justin Bieber at the 2015 American Music Awards [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Justin Bieber at the 2015 American Music Awards [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]According to the report, what may look like mass hysteria is actually a stage that teenage girls undergo. The following is an excerpt about this.
"[It] is a harmless stage in adolescent development. Long before the Beatles, Elvis and Frank Sinatra, frenzied female fans threw their clothing at 19th century pianist and composer Franz Liszt and fought over locks of his hair, say music historians."
According to MRI scans of "Bieber Fever" subjects, hearing familiar music led to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in the pleasure and addiction centers of the brain. The following is part of the report by experts.

"Experts say, because they are awakening to romantic and sexual feelings that are both intoxicating and scary. Having a crush on a celebrity they are unlikely to meet is a way to try out such feelings at a safe distance. A lot of girls I know practiced their first kiss on a poster. I don't think that's changed at all," says Mark Rubinfeld, professor and chair of sociology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Of course, it would seem that for Justin Bieber, finding the right partner may be easy, as he is already a darling among millions of girls across the world, but life can sometimes be more complicated than that. Just last year, he was slapped across the face by Playboy Mansion bunny - Sarah Harris - for groping her breast. Apparently, he had requested to take a picture with her, but was declined, and instead of just leaving it at that, he thanked her, kissed her on the cheek, and while at it, groped her breast. The following was Sarah's revelation, as reported by Teen.

"He grabbed my boob. And it was my instant reaction to just backhand him across the face."
Fast forward to current events and yesterday, Justin Bieber revealed what he looks for in women. And his answer was "A genuine heart and a great sense of humor."

You can check out the entire interview here.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]