Pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar Is Flying: Should Fans Be Concerned?

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar flew to Mississippi to attend a family friend’s wedding. The couple let fans know about their trip through an Instagram image that may raise concern, given the speculation around Joy’s pregnancy.

Joy-Anna Duggar wed Austin Forsyth on May 26, after courtship and engagement lasting about six months. The couple announced pregnancy end of August. Since the announcement, images of Joy-Anna’s growing baby-bump have been the subject of intense scrutiny and her due date a matter of heated debate. Those critical of the Duggar family’s stance on pre-marital sex believe Joy-Anna conceived before marriage, while family supporters have rubbished such claims.

At least one known source close to the family has claimed an early March due date, ruling out pregnancy before marriage. On the other hand, allegations of an early February date have also been made, hinting conception before marriage. A wedding-night baby puts Joy’s due-date around mid-February, which as a possibility has been propounded by many stunned by the size of her belly, but do not believe conception predated marriage.

The Instagram image Joy and Austin shared on Friday revealed some of the above. Interestingly, it may have also put to rest some rumors seeking to explain the 20-year-old’s seemingly large pregnancy bulge as a case of twins.

Most commercial airlines recommend pregnant women carrying twins to avoid flying after the 32nd week of pregnancy. While Austin and wife Joy-Anna Duggar, with father-in-law Terry Forsyth, traveled in an aircraft flown by him, it seems unlikely that Austin, a licensed pilot, would fly his wife if she were considered high-risk, as is the case with twins; Joy-Anna could be anywhere along between 29 weeks and 31 weeks from all that has been discussed. Additionally, the couple has always referred to a single child while discussing the pregnancy, ruling out twins.

That notwithstanding, a few viewers wondered if Joy-Anna Duggar should be flying at all. As pointed out by USA Today, commercial airlines may require a pregnant woman’s doctor to clear her for flying after the 28th week, but flying in a private aircraft would pose no such restrictions.

Again, given the under-one-hour flight from Arkansas to Mississippi, the fact that the Counting On star’s husband is a trained pilot, and that there is low risk in her pregnancy, such concerns seem unwarranted, according to a few fans who commented in response to concerns.