‘Roseanne’ Revival: Major Character Confirmed To Return To The Show

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The Roseanne revival will be hitting the small screen in early 2018, and casting news is still rolling in. This week, it was revealed that one of the most beloved characters from the show would be returning for the new season, and fans are so excited about what the return will mean for the revival’s storyline.

According to a December 1 report by Entertainment Weekly, actor Johnny Galecki is officially returning to the Roseanne revival as his character, David Healey. As many fans will remember, David was the husband of Roseanne and Dan Connor’s middle daughter, Darlene. He was also the younger brother of Mark Healey, the husband of the Connor’s oldest daughter, Becky.

Fans have been wondering if Johnny Galecki would return to the show ever since the revival was announced earlier this year. Galecki’s schedule seemed to be a hurdle that would need to be jumped as he is busy portraying a lead character on one of TV’s biggest shows, The Big Bang Theory. However, many viewers believed that the new show just simply wouldn’t be the same without David. There is no word as of yet about how much fans will get to see of David, but the news of his return has appeased viewers for now.

Not much is known about what David will be up to in the Roseanne revival. When last viewers saw David, he and wife, Darlene, were newly married and were learning to be parents to their newborn baby girl, Harris. However, many fans believe that David and Darlene may not be together when the new episodes begin to air. Rumors have been flying that Darlene, played by actress Sara Gilbert, may have a new love interest and could even possibly be gay in the revival. However, David and Darlene will be raising two children together.

It has been confirmed that Darlene and David will have two children, daughter Harris, whom fans met in the original series, and a son, Mark, named after David’s older brother. Many fans believe that David’s brother will likely be revealed as dead in the Roseanne revival due to the fact that original actor, Glenn Quinn, passed away after the show’s series finale. Actress Emma Kenney, best known for playing the role of Debbie on Showtime’s Shameless, has been cast as the teenage Harris, and young actor Ames McNamara will be portraying the 8-year-old Mark.

Johnny Galecki can be seen when the Roseanne revival will begin airing something in 2018.