Katie Holmes Denies Romance With Jake Gyllenhaal

Just when you think you can sigh happily that Katie Holmes has found new and age appropriate love in Jake Gyllenhaal, Holmes puts the kibosh on it. After rumors started to circulate that Holmes was enjoying a secretive romance with Gyllenhaal, Katie outright denied the news.

According to MTV Europe, the rumored couple was introduced to each other by Holmes’ ex beau and Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson. However, according to Gossip Cop, the star squashed that rumor really fast. In addition, Holmes’ rep has also denied the relationship. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the rumor isn’t true. Representatives are known for spreading a white lie until their clients warm up enough to publicly spread their wings with a new love.

In addition, Holmes just put her very public relationship with Tom Cruise to rest. The actress, who has been known for years as Mrs. Cruise,is probably very protective of the image that she wants to project as she tries to jump start a career that was halted by her marriage to Cruise.

In a statement, Holmes’ rep explains explicitly that the rumors are nothing more, stating that it’s “not at all true.” A while back, Metro said this of Jake Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes: “All eyes will be out for a first sighting of Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal in 2013 after it was claimed the pair are secretly dating.”

So are they, or aren’t they? If they are, Jake Gyllenhaal can probably rest easy and assume Holmes will never ever write a top 40 song about their inevitable split.