‘Destiny 2’ Warlocks Can Grab The Skull Of Dire Ahamkara From Xur This Weekend


Xur arrived in Destiny 2 Friday for the final time before the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion next week. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owners can get their hands on the Sweet Business along with the Skull of Dire Ahamkara for Warlock. Meanwhile, Titans will have the option of Synthoceps and Hunters the Lucky Raspberry.

Xur has moved shop to the crashed Fallen ship in the Winding Cove section of the European Dead Zone. Destiny 2 players can mark his location on the Destination map and fast travel to the zone. He’s directly north of the spawn point and can be reached either by jumping up the side of a small cliff to the right of Xur or by going through a tunnel at the base of the cliff under the crashed ship.

As a reminder, the Power Level of all Xur’s Exotics scales according to the Guardian’s current Power Level up to 270. You’ll need to Infuse the items to make them any more powerful than that.

Destiny 2 players will have until the weekly reset on Tuesday, December 5 to pick up this slate of exotics from Xur. This now occurs at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT starting with the release of Curse of Osiris.

Sweet Business

The Sweet Business Exotic Auto Rifle in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

The Sweet Business Exotic Auto Rifle is more mini-gun than Auto Rifle in Destiny 2. It is slow to start up but has an incredibly high rate of fire when the trigger is held down. For best results, Titans should pair the Sweet Business with the Actium War Rig Exotic Chest Armor. The “Auto-Loading Link” intrinsic perk on the armor will automatically reload a portion of the magazine allowing you to fire continuously for a longer period.


The Synthoceps Exotic Titan Gauntlets in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

These Exotic Gauntlets are for Titans who complain about the sub-classes T-Rex like arm reach. The Synthoceps come with the “Biotic Enhancements” perk to increase melee lunge range and improve melee damage when surrounded. These have limited uses in PVE as players typically don’t want to go around punching more difficult enemies. However, they can be incredibly deadly in PVP thanks to the increased melee range.

Lucky Raspberry

The Lucky Raspberry Exotic Hunter Chest Armor in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

The only issue with this Exotic Chest Armor is that it is overshadowed by Raiden Flux. The Lucky Raspberry is still an excellent piece, however, thanks to the “Probability Matrix” perk. This increases how much the Arc Bolt Grenade chains from enemy to enemy and adds a chance to recharge each time the grenade deals damage. This is great for dealing with large amounts of enemies in PVE and is also useful in PVP for the opportunity to get another grenade back faster.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara

The Skull of Dire Ahamkara Warlock Exotic Helmet in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

This Exotic Helmet returns from Destiny 1 while partially borrowing some of the power from the old Obsidian Mind Helmet. The “Actual Grandeur” perk provides additional damage resistance while activating a Nova Bomb super ability. Additionally, kills with the Nova Bomb help build Super Energy back.

The Nezarec’s Sin Helmet is still the top-tier piece for Voidwalker Warlock’s in Destiny 2. Skull of Dire Ahamkara is just a step below though and useful in PVE activities where you know you will face large hordes of enemies. Meanwhile, it isn’t bad in PVP either thanks to the extra protection provided while throwing a Nova Bomb.